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Chromaskins Chroma skins are recolored variants of a champion's classic or purchasable skins. Each Chroma is available for purchase individually for RP icon 290, as well as part of a bundle known as a Chroma Pack at a discounted price. Chromas go on sale for BE icon 2000 or RP icon 195 each during the Essence Emporium. The first Chroma skins came live with patch V5.8 on April 28, 2015 in Season Five. Some chromas are special than others:

  • Golden: all Golden Chromas are a part of events and only unlockable through the Hextech system.
  • Ruby: since V8.15, these chromas are only unlockable by buying the chroma bundle.
    • This has not been the case as the first instance of these chromas being bundle exclusive goes as far as V8.3.
  • Emerald: since V8.20, these chromas are part of the Partner Program (with some exceptions). For more information, see the Partner Program Chroma section.
  • Kha'Zix ChampionshipCircle Championship Kha'Zix Chromas: 24/25 of his chromas are unlockable only by buying icons.

Here's the full list of chromas:

SkinAvailabilityRP icon
Legendary Skin
China Skin Tier 2
China Skin Tier 1
Limited skin
Aatrox MechaCircleMecha Aatrox1350
Aatrox OdysseyCircleOdyssey Aatrox1350
Aatrox VictoriousCircleVictorious Aatroxspecial
Ahri ChallengerCircleChallenger Ahri975
Ahri ElderwoodCircleElderwood Ahri1350
Ahri PopstarCirclePopstar Ahri975
Ahri SpiritBlossomCircleSpirit Blossom Ahri1820
Akali HeadhunterCircleHeadhunter Akali1350
Akali KDAALLOUTCircleK/DA ALL OUT Akali1350
Akali NurseCircleNurse Akali975
Akali PROJECTCirclePROJECT: Akali1350
Akali TrueDamageCircleTrue Damage Akali1350
Alistar BlackfrostCircleBlackfrost Alistar1350
Alistar ConquerorCircleConqueror Alistar975
Alistar MooCowCircleMoo Cow Alistar975
Amumu InfernalCircleInfernal Amumu1350
Amumu PumpkinPrinceCirclePumpkin Prince Amumu1350
Amumu SurprisePartyCircleSurprise Party Amumu1350
Anivia PapercraftCirclePapercraft Anivia1350
Aphelios NightbringerCircleNightbringer Aphelios1350
Ashe ChampionshipCircleChampionship Ashe1350
Ashe CosmicQueenCircleCosmic Queen Ashe1350
Ashe FaeDragonCircleFae Dragon Ashe1350
Ashe HighNoonCircleHigh Noon Ashe1820
Aurelion Sol MechaCircleMecha Aurelion Sol1350
Aurelion Sol StormDragonCircleStorm Dragon Aurelion Sol1350
Bard AstronautCircleAstronaut Bard1350
Bard OriginalCircleOriginal Bard975
Bard SnowDayCircleSnow Day Bard1350
Blitzcrank BattleBossCircleBattle Boss Blitzcrank1350
Blitzcrank OriginalCircleOriginal Blitzcrank790
Blitzcrank Witch'sBrewCircleWitch's Brew Blitzcrank1350
Brand ArclightCircleArclight Brand1350
Brand EternalDragonCircleEternal Dragon Brand1350
Braum CrimeCityCircleCrime City Braum1350
Braum DragonslayerCircleDragonslayer Braum975
Braum SugarRushCircleSugar Rush Braum1350
Caitlyn LunarWraithCircleLunar Wraith Caitlyn1350
Caitlyn OriginalCircleOriginal Caitlyn880
Caitlyn PoolPartyCirclePool Party Caitlyn1350
Caitlyn PulsefireCirclePulsefire Caitlyn1820
Camille CovenCircleCoven Camille1350
Cassiopeia OriginalCircleOriginal Cassiopeia880
Cassiopeia SpiritBlossomCircleSpirit Blossom Cassiopeia1350
Cho'Gath BattlecastPrimeCircleBattlecast Prime Cho'Gath1820
Corki ArcadeCircleArcade Corki1350
Corki CorgiCircleCorgi Corki1350
Corki DragonwingCircleDragonwing Corki975
Darius DunkmasterCircleDunkmaster Darius1820
Darius HighNoonCircleHigh Noon Darius1350
Darius OriginalCircleOriginal Darius880
Diana DarkWatersCircleDark Waters Diana1350
Diana DragonslayerCircleDragonslayer Diana1350
Diana LunarGoddessCircleLunar Goddess Diana975
Dr. Mundo FrozenPrinceMundoCircleFrozen Prince Mundo1350
Draven MechaKingdomsCircleMecha Kingdoms Draven1350
Draven PrimetimeCirclePrimetime Draven975
Ekko PulsefireCirclePulsefire Ekko1350
Ekko SandstormCircleSandstorm Ekko975
Ekko TrickorTreatCircleTrick or Treat Ekko1350
Ekko TrueDamageCircleTrue Damage Ekko1820
Elise BewitchingCircleBewitching Elise1350
Evelynn KDAALLOUTCircleK/DA ALL OUT Evelynn1350
Evelynn SugarRushCircleSugar Rush Evelynn1350
Ezreal DebonairCircleDebonair Ezreal750
Ezreal PulsefireCirclePulsefire Ezreal3250
Fiddlesticks BanditoCircleBandito Fiddlesticks520
Fiddlesticks PraetorianCirclePraetorian Fiddlesticks1350
Fiddlesticks SurprisePartyCircleSurprise Party Fiddlesticks975
Fiora HeadmistressCircleHeadmistress Fiora975
Fiora HeartpiercerCircleHeartpiercer Fiora1350
Fiora PROJECTCirclePROJECT: Fiora1350
Fiora PoolPartyCirclePool Party Fiora1350
Fiora PulsefireCirclePulsefire Fiora1350
Fizz LittleDevilCircleLittle Devil Fizz1350
Fizz OmegaSquadCircleOmega Squad Fizz1350
Fizz OriginalCircleOriginal Fizz880
Galio BirdioCircleBirdio975
Galio InfernalCircleInfernal Galio1350
Gangplank DreadnovaCircleDreadnova Gangplank1350
Gangplank FPXCircleFPX Gangplank1350
Gangplank PoolPartyCirclePool Party Gangplank1350
Garen DemaciaViceCircleDemacia Vice Garen1350
Garen OriginalCircleOriginal Garen260
Garen WarringKingdomsCircleWarring Kingdoms Garen1350
Gnar AstronautCircleAstronaut Gnar1350
Gnar DinoCircleDino Gnar975
Graves BattleProfessorCircleBattle Professor Graves1350
Graves PoolPartyCirclePool Party Graves1350
Graves PraetorianCirclePraetorian Graves1350
Graves SnowDayCircleSnow Day Graves1350
Graves VictoriousCircleVictorious Gravesspecial
Hecarim HighNoonCircleHigh Noon Hecarim1350
Heimerdinger PoolPartyCirclePool Party Heimerdinger1350
Illaoi ResistanceCircleResistance Illaoi1350
Irelia DivineSwordCircleDivine Sword Irelia1350
Irelia FrostbladeCircleFrostblade Irelia975
Irelia HighNoonCircleHigh Noon Irelia1350
Ivern DunkmasterCircleDunkmaster Ivern1350
Janna BewitchingCircleBewitching Janna1350
Janna GuardianoftheSandsCircleGuardian of the Sands Janna1350
Janna SacredSwordCircleSacred Sword Janna1350
Jarvan IV DarkStarCircleDark Star Jarvan IV1350
Jarvan IV PoolPartyCirclePool Party Jarvan IV1350
Jarvan IV WarringKingdomsCircleWarring Kingdoms Jarvan IV1350
Jax MechaKingdomsCircleMecha Kingdoms Jax1820
Jax NemesisCircleNemesis Jax975
Jayce BattleAcademiaCircleBattle Academia Jayce1350
Jhin HighNoonCircleHigh Noon Jhin1350
Jinx FirecrackerCircleFirecracker Jinx1350
Jinx HeartseekerCircleHeartseeker Jinx1350
Jinx OdysseyCircleOdyssey Jinx1350
Jinx PROJECTCirclePROJECT: Jinx1350
Kai'Sa ArcadeCircleArcade Kai'Sa1350
Kai'Sa BulletAngelCircleBullet Angel Kai'Sa1350
Kalista ChampionshipCircleChampionship Kalista975
Karma ConquerorCircleConqueror Karma975
Karma DarkStarCircleDark Star Karma1350
Karma DawnbringerCircleDawnbringer Karma1350
Karma OdysseyCircleOdyssey Karma1350
Karthus GrimReaperCircleGrim Reaper Karthus975
Karthus InfernalCircleInfernal Karthus1350
Kassadin CountCircleCount Kassadin1350
Katarina BattleAcademiaCircleBattle Academia Katarina1350
Katarina BloodMoonCircleBlood Moon Katarina1350
Katarina WarringKingdomsCircleWarring Kingdoms Katarina975
Kayle PsyOpsCirclePsyOps Kayle1350
Kayle ViridianCircleViridian Kayle520
Kayn OdysseyCircleOdyssey Kayn1820
Kennen InfernalCircleInfernal Kennen1350
Kennen KennenM.D.CircleKennen M.D.975
Kha'Zix ChampionshipCircleChampionship Kha'Zix1350
Kha'Zix MechaCircleMecha Kha'Zix1350
Kha'Zix OdysseyCircleOdyssey Kha'Zix1350
Kindred SpiritBlossomCircleSpirit Blossom Kindred1350
Kled CountKledulaCircleCount Kledula1350
Kog'Maw ArcanistCircleArcanist Kog'Maw1350
Kog'Maw Pug'MawCirclePug'Maw975
LeBlanc ChampionshipCircleChampionship LeBlanc1350
LeBlanc CovenCircleCoven LeBlanc1350
LeBlanc PrestigiousCirclePrestigious LeBlanc520
LeBlanc ProgramCircleProgram LeBlanc1350
Lee Sin DragonFistCircleDragon Fist Lee Sin975
Lee Sin FPXCircleFPX Lee Sin1350
Lee Sin PlaymakerCirclePlaymaker Lee Sin975
Lee Sin StormDragonCircleStorm Dragon Lee Sin1820
Leona MechaKingdomsCircleMecha Kingdoms Leona1350
Leona PoolPartyCirclePool Party Leona975
Lillia SpiritBlossomCircleSpirit Blossom Lillia1350
Lissandra CovenCircleCoven Lissandra1350
Lucian DemaciaViceCircleDemacia Vice Lucian1350
Lucian HighNoonCircleHigh Noon Lucian1820
Lucian OriginalCircleOriginal Lucian975
Lucian PROJECTCirclePROJECT: Lucian1350
Lulu CosmicEnchantressCircleCosmic Enchantress Lulu1350
Lulu DragonTrainerCircleDragon Trainer Lulu1350
Lulu PoolPartyCirclePool Party Lulu1350
Lux ElementalistCircleElementalist Lux3250
Lux LunarEmpressCircleLunar Empress Lux1350
Malphite FPXCircleFPX Malphite1350
Malphite MechaCircleMecha Malphite1350
Malphite OdysseyCircleOdyssey Malphite1350
Malzahar SnowDayCircleSnow Day Malzahar975
Malzahar WorldbreakerCircleWorldbreaker Malzahar1350
Maokai MeowkaiCircleMeowkai1350
Maokai WorldbreakerCircleWorldbreaker Maokai1350
Master Yi BloodMoonCircleBlood Moon Master Yi1350
Master Yi EternalSwordYiCircleEternal Sword Yi1350
Master Yi HeadhunterCircleHeadhunter Master Yi975
Master Yi PsyOpsCirclePsyOps Master Yi1350
Master Yi SnowManYiCircleSnow Man Yi1350
Miss Fortune ArcadeCircleArcade Miss Fortune1350
Miss Fortune GunGoddessCircleGun Goddess Miss Fortune2775
Mordekaiser DarkStarCircleDark Star Mordekaiser1350
Morgana BewitchingCircleBewitching Morgana975
Morgana BlackthornCircleBlackthorn Morgana1350
Morgana CovenCircleCoven Morgana1820
Morgana MajesticEmpressCircleMajestic Empress Morgana1350
Morgana OriginalCircleOriginal Morgana585
Nami KoiCircleKoi Nami975
Nami ProgramCircleProgram Nami1350
Nami SplendidStaffCircleSplendid Staff Nami1350
Nasus DreadknightCircleDreadknight Nasus975
Nasus LunarGuardianCircleLunar Guardian Nasus1350
Nautilus AstroNautilusCircleAstroNautilus1350
Neeko WinterWonderCircleWinter Wonder Neeko1350
Nidalee ChallengerCircleChallenger Nidalee975
Nidalee DawnbringerCircleDawnbringer Nidalee1350
Nocturne ElderwoodCircleElderwood Nocturne1350
Nunu PapercraftCirclePapercraft Nunu & Willump1350
Olaf BrolafCircleBrolaf1820
Olaf DragonslayerCircleDragonslayer Olaf1350
Orianna DarkStarCircleDark Star Orianna1350
Orianna PoolPartyCirclePool Party Orianna1350
Orianna VictoriousCircleVictorious Oriannaspecial
Pantheon DragonslayerCircleDragonslayer Pantheon1350
Pantheon PulsefireCirclePulsefire Pantheon1350
Poppy AstronautCircleAstronaut Poppy1350
Poppy BattleRegaliaCircleBattle Regalia Poppy520
Pyke BloodMoonCircleBlood Moon Pyke1350
Pyke PROJECTCirclePROJECT: Pyke1820
Pyke PsyOpsCirclePsyOps Pyke1350
Pyke SandWraithCircleSand Wraith Pyke1350
Qiyana BattleBossCircleBattle Boss Qiyana1350
Rakan StarGuardianCircleStar Guardian Rakan1820
Rammus SweeperCircleSweeper Rammus975
Rek'Sai BlackfrostCircleBlackfrost Rek'Sai1350
Rek'Sai PoolPartyCirclePool Party Rek'Sai1350
Renekton BlackfrostCircleBlackfrost Renekton1350
Renekton RenektoyCircleRenektoy750
Rengar GuardianoftheSandsCircleGuardian of the Sands Rengar1350
Rengar HeadhunterCircleHeadhunter Rengar975
Rengar MechaCircleMecha Rengar1350
Rengar PrettyKittyCirclePretty Kitty Rengar1350
Riven ArcadeCircleArcade Riven1350
Riven BattleBunnyCircleBattle Bunny Riven975
Riven ChampionshipCircleChampionship Riven 2016975
Riven DawnbringerCircleDawnbringer Riven1820
Riven DragonbladeCircleDragonblade Riven1350
Riven PulsefireCirclePulsefire Riven1350
Riven SpiritBlossomCircleSpirit Blossom Riven1350
Rumble BadlandsBaronCircleBadlands Baron Rumble1350
Ryze ChampionshipCircleChampionship Ryze1350
Ryze GuardianoftheSandsCircleGuardian of the Sands Ryze1350
Samira PsyOpsCirclePsyOps Samira1350
Sejuani FirecrackerCircleFirecracker Sejuani1350
Senna HighNoonCircleHigh Noon Senna1820
Senna TrueDamageCircleTrue Damage Senna1350
Sett MechaKingdomsCircleMecha Kingdoms Sett1350
Shaco ArcanistCircleArcanist Shaco1350
Shaco DarkStarCircleDark Star Shaco1350
Shen InfernalCircleInfernal Shen1350
Shen PsyOpsCirclePsyOps Shen1350
Shen PulsefireCirclePulsefire Shen1350
Shen SurgeonCircleSurgeon Shen975
Shen WarlordCircleWarlord Shen975
Shyvana ChampionshipCircleChampionship Shyvana975
Sion MechaZeroCircleMecha Zero Sion1820
Sion WorldbreakerCircleWorldbreaker Sion1350
Sivir BloodMoonCircleBlood Moon Sivir1350
Sivir OdysseyCircleOdyssey Sivir1350
Sivir PizzaDeliveryCirclePizza Delivery Sivir1350
Sivir SnowstormCircleSnowstorm Sivir975
Sona ArcadeCircleArcade Sona1350
Sona DJCircleDJ Sona3250
Sona GuqinCircleGuqin Sona975
Sona OdysseyCircleOdyssey Sona1350
Sona PsyOpsCirclePsyOps Sona1820
Soraka WinterWonderCircleWinter Wonder Soraka1350
Swain DragonMasterCircleDragon Master Swain1350
Sylas FreljordCircleFreljord Sylas1350
Sylas LunarWraithCircleLunar Wraith Sylas1350
Syndra PoolPartyCirclePool Party Syndra1350
Tahm Kench CoinEmperorCircleCoin Emperor Tahm Kench1350
Taliyah PoolPartyCirclePool Party Taliyah1350
Talon DragonbladeCircleDragonblade Talon975
Talon EnduringSwordCircleEnduring Sword Talon1350
Talon TalonBlackwoodCircleTalon Blackwood1350
Taric PoolPartyCirclePool Party Taric1350
Taric TaricLuminshieldCircleTaric Luminshield1350
Teemo AstronautCircleAstronaut Teemo1350
Teemo BeemoCircleBeemo1350
Teemo CottontailCircleCottontail Teemo975
Teemo LittleDevilCircleLittle Devil Teemo1350
Teemo OmegaSquadCircleOmega Squad Teemo1820
Thresh ChampionshipCircleChampionship Thresh975
Thresh DarkStarCircleDark Star Thresh1820
Thresh FPXCircleFPX Thresh1350
Thresh HighNoonCircleHigh Noon Thresh1350
Thresh SpiritBlossomCircleSpirit Blossom Thresh1820
Tristana DragonTrainerCircleDragon Trainer Tristana1820
Tristana LittleDemonCircleLittle Demon Tristana1350
Tristana OmegaSquadCircleOmega Squad Tristana1350
Tristana PenguCosplayCirclePengu Cosplay Tristana1350
Tristana RocketGirlCircleRocket Girl Tristana975
Trundle DragonslayerCircleDragonslayer Trundle1350
Tryndamere BloodMoonCircleBlood Moon Tryndamere1350
Twisted Fate OdysseyCircleOdyssey Twisted Fate1350
Twisted Fate PulsefireCirclePulsefire Twisted Fate1350
Twitch IceKingCircleIce King Twitch1350
Twitch MedievalCircleMedieval Twitch2400
Twitch OmegaSquadCircleOmega Squad Twitch1350
Twitch TwitchShadowfootCircleTwitch Shadowfoot1350
Udyr SpiritGuardCircleSpirit Guard Udyr3250
Urgot BattlecastCircleBattlecast Urgot1350
Urgot HighNoonCircleHigh Noon Urgot1350
Urgot PajamaGuardianCosplayCirclePajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot1350
Varus ConquerorCircleConqueror Varus975
Varus DarkStarCircleDark Star Varus1350
Varus InfernalCircleInfernal Varus1350
Vayne DragonslayerCircleDragonslayer Vayne975
Vayne FPXCircleFPX Vayne1350
Vayne SpiritBlossomCircleSpirit Blossom Vayne1350
Veigar ElderwoodCircleElderwood Veigar1350
Veigar FuryhornCosplayCircleFuryhorn Cosplay Veigar1350
Veigar OmegaSquadCircleOmega Squad Veigar1350
Vel'Koz InfernalCircleInfernal Vel'Koz1350
Vi HeartbreakerCircleHeartbreaker Vi1350
Vi OfficerCircleOfficer Vi975
Vi PsyOpsCirclePsyOps Vi1350
Viktor PsyOpsCirclePsyOps Viktor1350
Vladimir DarkWatersCircleDark Waters Vladimir1350
Vladimir NightbringerCircleNightbringer Vladimir1350
Warwick GreyCircleGrey Warwick2400
Warwick LunarGuardianCircleLunar Guardian Warwick1350
Warwick PROJECTCirclePROJECT: Warwick1350
Xayah StarGuardianCircleStar Guardian Xayah1820
Xerath DarkStarCircleDark Star Xerath1350
Xin Zhao CosmicDefenderCircleCosmic Defender Xin Zhao1350
Xin Zhao DragonslayerCircleDragonslayer Xin Zhao1350
Xin Zhao WarringKingdomsCircleWarring Kingdoms Xin Zhao1350
Yasuo BattleBossCircleBattle Boss Yasuo1350
Yasuo HighNoonCircleHigh Noon Yasuo975
Yasuo NightbringerCircleNightbringer Yasuo1820
Yasuo OdysseyCircleOdyssey Yasuo1350
Yasuo SpiritBlossomCircleSpirit Blossom Yasuo1350
Yasuo TrueDamageCircleTrue Damage Yasuo1350
Yone SpiritBlossomCircleSpirit Blossom Yone1350
Yorick MeowrickCircleMeowrick1350
Yuumi BattlePrincipalCircleBattle Principal Yuumi1350
Yuumi HeartseekerCircleHeartseeker Yuumi1350
Zac OriginalCircleOriginal Zac975
Zed ChampionshipCircleChampionship Zed975
Zed GalaxySlayerCircleGalaxy Slayer Zed1820
Zed PsyOpsCirclePsyOps Zed1350
Zed ShockbladeCircleShockblade Zed975
Ziggs OdysseyCircleOdyssey Ziggs1350
Ziggs SugarRushCircleSugar Rush Ziggs1350
Zilean SugarRushCircleSugar Rush Zilean1350
Zoe PoolPartyCirclePool Party Zoe1350
Zoe StarGuardianCircleStar Guardian Zoe1350


  • The word 'chroma' is Greek for 'color', reflecting how a Chroma is a skin in 'another color'.
  • Certain chroma assets will get updated if the parent skin/champion receives a new set of chromas or the champion in questions receives a visual overhaul.
  • Chromas only change the base texture of their parent skins though on rare occasions, will change their particles.
  • Each Chroma pack released prior to V6.17 were only available as part of a bundle, and had unique collection names. For example, a Lucian OriginalSquare Lucian wearing a Chroma of his Classic skin would appear as Lucian Prime in the Loading Screen.[1]
    • For maintenance purposes, bundle names have been dropped from the League of Legends Wiki. The following is listed for archival purposes:
  • Before V7.22, Chromas went on sale for IP icon IP twice a year. During IP icon IP sales, individual Chromas costed IP icon 2000 or RP icon 195 each. After that, IP icon IP became BE icon BE, making the cost for Chromas BE icon 2000 or RP icon 195.
  • Chromas are considered non-canon.

Patch History


The Blue Essence is merged with IP. From now, chromas will be available in the Essence Emporium for BE icon 2000.

December 2016
  • The first Chroma packs were added to the Early Sale promotion, priced at RP icon 195 each.
Chroma Packs Phase 2

The following changes are being made to Chroma packs based on feedback:

  • Each Chroma is now available individually for RP icon 290, as well as part of a bundle for a discounted price.
  • Chromas will now go on sale for IP icon IP twice a year.
    • The first sale, which will include all existing Chroma, will take place between August 25 from September 8.
    • During the upcoming sale, each individual recolor (not bundle) will be available for IP icon 2000.
    • You must own the skin or champion to purchase the recolor with IP icon IP.
  • Future sets may contain more than 3 recolors.
  • Champion Mastery Chromas may be on the horizon.
  • First released.


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