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"Yeah, they might have a kinda creepy look to 'em--what with those goggles 'n all--but they're harmless enough. Just don't go threatenin' their dens without expecting them to reply in kind."
LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png3 Used Cask Salesman

The Chirean are sapient species living in the sump levels of Zaun.


"They're sweet enough on their own, sure, but get a bunch of 'em together, and before you know it, they've built some madcap machine and are off knockin' down some part of the Lanes."
— Zaunite machinist

The first Zaunite miners to discover the chirean thought them timid, simple creatures. But as the years passed, and as they grew comfortable with humans, they slowly revealed their close societal bonds, and their seemingly native understanding of technology. Chireans cannot speak human languages as they communicate through chirps and clicks, but they do have a limited understanding of the spoken word.[1][2] Chireans possess an innate understanding of technology and greatly enjoy working on machinery, especially together.[3]

It takes a lot to upset a group of chirean, but when they get mad, everyone's gonna know about it.

Other Related Champions

  • Ekko Ekko and his gang befriended a posse of chirean.


The chirean are humanoids with the appearance of bats. Their hair and fur is ranges mostly from white, to grey, black, chestnut, though they have been seen with colorfully died hair. While they have 5 fingered hands, possess digitigrade legs that have feet with 3 toes. Chireans have inhabited Zaun for years to the point of evolving to survive in the hostile environment.[4]

Beneath their masks, they are shown to have humanoid like faces with two eyes, eyebrows, and mouths. Their noses resemble that of a bat.


  • While resembling both Vastaya and Yordles, it is unknown if they have any relations with ether of these species.