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"Hey, God-King! Both sides are bad!"
Pulsefire Ezreal Pulsefire Ezreal

Two forces collide once more: The Lion demands an eternal reign. The Wolf hungers for endless war.

Power lies wherever war lives. But only one can claim it. Choose your God-King.

God Kings of Order
  • God-King Garen God-King Garen
    God-King Garen stands as the last scion of an ancient divinity, and the final bulwark against the end of all civilization. He rules the vast kingdom of Demacia with an iron fist, jealously protecting his people as a self-styled messiah, while rooting out and destroying all who would oppose him.
God-Kings of Chaos
  • God-King Darius God-King Darius
    God-King Darius is a bringer of true carnage—the descendant of primordial deities long forgotten in the shadow of Demacia. Slaughtering monarchs and gods alike, he seeks to end the false world of unity and peace, ushering in an age of endless war where only the strongest will survive.


Battle of the God-Kings


  • This skin theme was directly inspired by Asian RPGs.
  • So God-King Garen proclaims to all, so shall the law be. His justice is absolute.
    • The celestial lion that serves God-King Garen is a manifestation of his ancient power.
    • God-King Garen oversees the utopian kingdom known as Demacia. Those who dissent are met with immediate execution.
    • The God-King of Demacia oversees his people as protector and judge. To his worshippers, there is a small price for peace: their free will.
    • God-King Garen's divine wrath is boundless. He has wiped great empires from the face of the planet for defying him.
    • Garen's Blade of Divine Justice is an artifact from an ancient war, wielded by the God-King to judge the unworthy.
    • The last remaining threat to God-King Garen's vision for his perfect empire is the forsaken God-King Darius.
  • So God-King Darius thirsts for bloodshed, so shall war unfold. His will is indomitable.
    • The wolf spirit that follows God-King Darius is a manifestation of his untamed might.
    • God-King Darius leads a vicious pack of warriors, hungry for conflict and the glory of proving one's strength.
    • God-King Darius will be consumed by the very war he envisions, and awaits the day his warriors grow strong enough to destroy him.
    • Entire kingdoms have been torn down by God-King Darius's hands. No being is beyond his reach, not even the gods.
    • The last obstacle standing in the way of God-King Darius' vision for a world of endless war is God-King Garen.
    • God-King Darius believes that a world of kingdoms and empires is a false reality, and beckons a true one indulging the violence in the hearts of men.
    • Darius's nameless axe is an artifact from an ancient war, wielded by the God-King to usher in an age of unending brutality.
  • God-King Garen God-King Garen and God-King Darius God-King Darius are far-flung, deific descendants of the original cosmic entities, Dawnbringer Riven Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo Nightbringer Yasuo. They are the last two descendants, making their war the end of their own universe's mythology. Both have become mortal (to a small degree), and have twisted their ancestors' original purposes to suit more personal needs.[1]


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