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Channel example

Karthus OriginalSquare Karthus Channeling icon channeling Requiem Requiem.

A Channeling icon channel is a trait of certain abilities which is Silence icon interrupted by Stun icon crowd control effects that inhibit casting. These effects are: Airborne icon airborne, Charm iconFlee iconTaunt icon forced action, Silence icon silence, Silence icon disrupt, Sleep icon sleep, Stasis icon stasis, Stun icon stun, Stun iconAirborne icon suspension, and Suppression icon suppression. When a caster activates a channeled ability, the caster stops performing any previous actions.

Channels cannot begin if the caster becomes unable to cast abilities.

While the effects of the ability are present the caster is channeling the ability. In most cases, the caster can interrupt the channel by performing an action, such as moving, attacking, or casting an ability. Some channels cannot be canceled at all, which prevent the caster from performing any act. Channels that require the caster to be out-of-combat means that entering combat interrupts their channel.

The channeling status disables other effects specified by the ability from being used. This includes attacking, moving, casting abilities, and using summoner spells or item actives.

List of Channeled Abilities

Interrupting Channels

Interrupting Channels

Classic Channels

The following channeled abilities are consistent with one another in terms of being interrupted by the forms of crowd control stated above.

Champion abilities
Item actives

Movement Channels

The following channeled abilities have Dash dash or Flash blink mechanics, or other forms of movement, which means they are subject to being Silence icon interrupted by the two Stun icon crowd control effects that strictly inhibit movement unless otherwise stated by the ability: Root icon root and Grounded icon ground.

Champion abilities
Summoner spells

Objective Channels

The following channeled effects are also interrupted by entering combat or taking damage.

Champion abilities

Recall Recall and Empowered Recall Empowered Recall cannot be interrupted by damage in the last 0.1 seconds of their channels, aside from crowd control effects that naturally Silence icon interrupt channels, such as Silence icon silence and Airborne icon displacements. Note that Root icon root and Grounded icon grounding do not belong to that and thus do not interrupt the channel at any point by themselves.

Unstoppable Channels

Unstoppable channel example

Sion OriginalSquare Sion performing Unstoppable Onslaught Unstoppable Onslaught and nullifying a Stun icon crowd control effect that would otherwise interrupt his Channeling icon channel.

The following channeled abilities cannot be Silence icon interrupted by Stun icon crowd control and are only stopped by Death death (unless otherwise stated by the ability). Note that all non-objective channels can be unstoppable as long as the user is Cc-immune icon crowd control immune in the process of doing so (e.g. Morgana OriginalSquare Morgana could place her Black Shield Black Shield on a channeling target and they would be considered unstoppable while the shield holds).

Champion abilities
Item actives

Uniquely, Unstoppable Onslaught Unstoppable Onslaught is a channeled ability which additionally grants him Cc-immune icon crowd control immunity during the channel, therefore it cannot be interrupted as any attempt at cast-inhibiting Stun icon crowd control will be negated.

There are a few exceptions, however:

  • The ability still be interrupted by death, as with all other channels. If so, the effect will end as if he collided with terrain or an enemy champion, dealing the damage and stunning and knocking up enemies around his current location immediately.
  • Due to a bug with Roar of the Slayer Roar of the Slayer, he can occasionally cast his ultimate despite being Root icon rooted. In this case, he will stand in place until the root's debuff duration ends. During this time, the damage, stun duration and movement speed granted by the ability will still ramp up, and enemies that come into contact with him will be affected by the collision normally.
    • The same bug allows him to cast his ultimate during crowd control that inhibits casting and movement abilities. If he starts charging the ability while Stun icon stunned, Airborne icon airborne or Silence icon silenced for example, the channel will be interrupted almost immediately, and he will perform the same leap as he does when the channel ends at maximum duration or is ended via its recast.
  • An allied trigger of the Blast ConeSquare Blast Cone's Airborne icon airborne effect is not considered hostile crowd control and will thus disregard his Cc-immune icon crowd control immunity, interrupting his ultimate in the process. He will turn to face the direction in which he would be knocked into, then initiate the leap as if he collided with an enemy champion or recasted the ability the ultimate or was affected by an enemy's hard crowd control, overriding the initial airborne effect of the plant.
  • If he is put into Stasis icon stasis by an allied Bard OriginalSquare Bard's Tempered Fate Tempered Fate (does not count as hostile crowd control in this case), he will attempt to leap forward (he can't while in stasis however) then initiate the area of effect as if he engaged in a collision. The ability does not appear to go on cooldown for a few seconds according to the HUD but trying to cast it does not bring any result. The steer and channel indicators do not disappear however and he is still able to perform actions as if he were not channeling.

Since Unstoppable Onslaught Unstoppable Onslaught is a channeled spell, Kalista OriginalSquare Kalista's Fate's Call Fate's Call will wait with its effect until the channel has ended, dragging him back to her across a potentially massive distance. The pull transpires immediately after the channel ends, but he will still leap forward despite not colliding with anything. The area of effect still occurs in the landing spot he would've stopped at.

Charged Abilities

Charged channel example

Varus OriginalSquare Varus Channeling icon charging up Piercing Arrow Piercing Arrow to increase its range. The lesser circle defines the current range output, while the greater circle signifies the maximum range output. Most charged abilities have a default spell indicator to display the respective range.

A charged ability has two activations - the first begins the charging and the second will fire the ability. While using quick cast, the player must keep the hotkey held down to charge the ability and it will fire upon releasing the key. For most charged abilities, the caster is still able to move freely including the use of Flash Flash and Dark Passage Dark Passage.

Charged abilities will cancel if their channel duration permits. If stated otherwise, the recast will be automatically initiated.

Charging is a sub-classification. The forms of crowd control that will interrupt a charged ability depends on the ability's super-type.

Champion abilities
Summoner Spells

Casting Times

Most abilities have a very brief casting time that will interrupt other actions, such as movement or attacking (most will automatically have the champion continue in their previous actions, although some will interrupt previous actions indefinitely). These casting times cannot be interrupted by any other effect than the caster's death, unless it was protected by Revival icon resurrection. Casting times will display a channeling bar above the HUD.

Notable examples are Ezreal OriginalSquare Ezreal's Arcane Shift Arcane Shift and Tristana OriginalSquare Tristana's Rocket Jump Rocket Jump, who will still respectively Flash blink or Dash dash if they were crowd controlled during the cast time, which is their intentional behaviour but often misunderstood as a bug. These can even overwrite Airborne icon displacements, such as Blitzcrank OriginalSquare Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab Rocket Grab, completely nullifying the displacement but not the applied stun, which will still be in effect after the cast time if duration permits.

Some cast times allow the user to Flash Flash during them, with the way it interacts being on a case by case basis.

Flashy Cast Times

Flashy Cast Times

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