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This article is about the unit-type. For the full list of available champions, see: List of champions.
Teamfight Tactics Champions

Champion known as Garen OriginalSquare Garen being controlled by a Little Legend.

Champions are units in the Teamfight Tactics game mode that fight in arenas to protect the Little Legend. Players can buy, sell, reposition, and equip items on champions.

Stats and Mechanics

  • Health - Champions are removed from combat when their health reaches 0. Slain champions will respawn next round. Health is shown above a unit's heads as a green bar that is separated once for every 300 health the unit has.
  • Basic attacks - Each champion has a basic attack. Basic attacks deal physical damage.
    • Attack damage is the amount of damage a champion will do with each basic attack.
    • Attack speed is measured in attacks per second. All attack speed increases are percentage-based, and affect each champion based on their base attack speed. Attack speed slows are based on total attack speed. Attack speed is capped at 5.0 attacks per second.
    • Attack range is measured in hexes. - 1 Attack range means a champion can only attack enemies in adjacent hexes.
    • Armor reduces the damage taken from physical damage. Armor works in exactly the same as it works in the main game, using this formula:
      $ \pagecolor{Black}\color{White}{\rm Damage\ multiplier}= {100 \over 100+{\it Armor}} $
    • Basic attacks have a chance to critically strike to deal 50% bonus damage, determined by critical strike chance. Every champion starts with 25% critical strike chance. The bonus damage is further increased by critical strike damage.
  • Special Ability - Each champion has one ability. Active abilities require mana to cast, and automatically cast when a champion reaches maximum mana. Special abilities deal magic damage, with the exceptions of attack-modifiers.
    • Mana is generated by basic attacking and taking damage. Basic attacks generate mana on-attack, even if the triggering attack misses or is parried. Both abilities and basic attacks cause the damaged champion to generate mana.
    • Ability power increases the power of a champion's Special Ability by a percentage. Ability power affects magic damage, true damage, shielding and healing.
    • Magic resistance reduces the damage taken from magic damage. Magic Resistance works in exactly the same as it works in the main game, using this formula:
      $ \pagecolor{Black}\color{White}{\rm Damage\ multiplier}= {100 \over 100+{\it MR}} $
  • Other mechanics:
    • Suppression icon Banish temporarily removes the target from the battlefield. The target is unable to do anything, and cannot be attacked by enemy team during this duration.
    • Grievous Wounds icon Grievous Wounds is a damage over time that also reduces healing.
    • Disarm icon Disarm prevents the target using basic attacks.
    • Blind icon Dodge causes incoming attacks to miss (deal no damage and do not apply spell or item effects).
    • True damage is a rarely-used damage type that bypasses resistances.
    • Stealth temporarily makes the target invisible and untargetable.
    • Silence icon Mana-lock prevents the target from gaining mana.
    • Stun icon Stun prevents the target from moving, attacking and activating their Special Ability.
    • Root icon Root prevents the target from moving.
    • Airborne icon Airborne moves in a specified direction or to a specific point. For the duration the target is unable to move, declare attacks or cast their Special Ability.


Critical strike damage
Ability Power


The two main resources of any champion is health and mana.


  • A champion begins combat with full health. If health is reduced to 0, the champion is removed from the current round. However, if equipped with Guardian Angel item Guardian Angel, the champion will be revived after its first death.
  • A champion can be healed by items like Bloodthirster item Bloodthirster or Redemption item Redemption, or by ally abilities, such as Nidalee OriginalSquare Nidalee's.
  • The maximum health of a champion can be increased through equipped items built from Giant's Belt item Giant's Belt. Currently, the only champion that can increase maximum health is Lulu OriginalSquare Lulu.
  • Many origins and classes interact with health.
    • Exile TFT icon Exile's shield scales with maximum health.
    • Brawler TFT icon Brawlers and Shapeshifter TFT icon Shapeshifters gain maximum health by meeting certain conditions.
    • Noble TFT icon Nobles grant on-hit healing.
    • Phantom TFT icon Phantom reduces an enemy champion's current health at the start of each fight.


  • Most champions use mana as resource for their Special Ability. Mana is generated by basic attacking and when taking damage.
    • Basic attacks can generate up to 12 mana per attack.[1]
      • 1-Star units generate 8 mana per attack.
      • 2-Star units generate 10 mana per attack.
      • 3-Star units generate 12 mana per attack.
      • Sorcerer TFT icon Sorcerers and Elementalist TFT icon Elementalists generate twice as much mana per basic attack, and double the cap to 20 per attack.
    • Mana from taking damage is pre-mitigated damage, capped at 50 per damage source.[2]
    • Champions with mana automatically use their Special Abilities when their mana bar is full.
    • Some champions do not utilize mana, or use it in a different way:
    • After casting their Special Ability, champions can't accumulate mana for the second thereafter. Some champions are mana-locked for longer (e.g. Kindred OriginalSquare Kindred and Varus OriginalSquare Varus).
    • Five out of six Shapeshifter TFT icon Shapeshifter champions are locked from mana gain permanently after using abilities. This is because their abilities lasts longer than a round, making mana on them useless once transformed. However, Shapeshifters using Guardian Angel item Guardian Angel revive in their original form. They need to refill their mana after revival.
  • Mana generation can be prevented with the Silence icon mana-lock effect.
  • There is a stat called Starting Mana. Champions using mana have that amount of mana at the start of the game. Higher starting mana allows champion to cast their first special ability sooner, but does not effect on later usages.
  • Some champions interact with mana in even more ways. This is partially why monsters have mana without any Special Abilities.
    • Kassadin OriginalSquare Kassadin's basic attacks consume enemy mana and convert it into a shield.
    • Twisted Fate OriginalSquare Twisted Fate has a chance to grant mana to himself and allies.
    • Demon TFT icon Demon units gain the chance to burn enemy mana and fill up some of their own.

Special Abilities


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