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LoR Champion Mastery Tier 5.png Champion Mastery is a champion-specific progression system letting you track your engagement with the champions you play most over time.

It is introduced in V2.4, and all players will be starting at Mastery Level 0 across all champions.


Champion Mastery is represented through a Champion Mastery Bar for a maximum of 5 Levels, and its unit is Mastery Points.

Each level of Champion Mastery is called Mastery Tier, having 5 levels means there will be 5 Tier. Once you reach at least one Tier, your champion card will be permanently decorated with a Mastery Crest, located at the bottom center, and are public to all can be found in case:

  • The versus screen
  • When inspecting a deck
  • When expanding the champion card during a match or in your Collection.

In the Player Profile, on the Mastery Page, you can see all the Masteries of your Champion cards.

Getting Mastery Points

At the end of each match, you will receive Mastery Points (MP) based on the following table:

Game Mode Win Draw Loss Level-Up Bonus
Unranked ("Normal"), Gauntlets, Ranked 40 for each copy 20 for each copy 0 20 for each level up
Expeditions 50 for each copy 20 for each copy 0 20 for each level up
Vs AI 20 for each copy 5 for each copy 0 10 for each level up
Friend Match 10 for each copy 5 for each copy 0 10 for each level up
Labs N/A N/A N/A N/A

You'll earn Mastery Points based on the number of copies of a champion you had in your deck. So champion-generating cards like LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png6 The Howling Abyss won't grant MP for randomly-created champions. Even if you don't own the champion, you can still earn MP through using them in Expeditions.

Master Tiers

Tier Mastery Crest Additional points required Total points
0 0 0
1 LoR Champion Mastery Tier 1.png 900 900
2 LoR Champion Mastery Tier 2.png 1100 2000
3 LoR Champion Mastery Tier 3.png 2500 4500
4 LoR Champion Mastery Tier 4.png 4500 9000
5 LoR Champion Mastery Tier 5.png 9000 18000