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This page is about the canon species. For other uses, see Celestial (Disambiguation).
    "Hope. Wonder. Insignificance. Imagine what they'll feel when I complete the stars."
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol

The term Celestial refers to all the beings that originate from the celestial realm beyond Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra.

Among the first beings that came to be in the universe, they are alien in comparison to the physical and spiritual realms. These beings come in various forms. From the Aspects as representations of concepts and ideals, to the numerous beings such as Celestial Dragons that interact with the world of Runeterra with motives far beyond mortal understanding.


The Celestials

    "By the power of the stars."
Soraka Soraka

A race of enigmatic beings wielding powers that are said to be godlike, Celestials are the universe's protectors and caretakers, seeding and influencing the tide of the world's past, present and future towards the greater good. Some interfere directly, as with the case of Soraka's crusade of healing and restoration, while others choose to contribute as a hidden hand, as is Bard's way to protect the multiverse from falling to destruction. Most of them are revered as powerful deities or guardians but they share the same mystery and bond with the heavenly firmaments. A few have been named and identified by the people of Runeterra as its patron: Soraka Soraka and Bard Bard.

Celestial Champions

Other Related Champions

  • Aatrox Aatrox fought against LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png5 Pantheon in the past, and killed the Aspect within, removing the constellation from the sky, though he may yet return.
  • Atreus Atreus was possessed by LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png5 The Warrior. After the Aspect's death, he became the new Pantheon Pantheon.
  • Kayle Kayle was born on Mount Targon and is an Ascended Targonian with power of the Aspect of Justice who was once the protector of Demacia and has succeeded in going to the celestial realm.
  • Myisha Myisha was the previous Runeterran Ascended Targonian Aspect of Twilight during the Great Darkin War.
  • Morgana Morgana was born on Mount Targon and is an Ascended Targonian with power of the Aspect of Justice who was once a protector of Demacia.
  • Nami Nami is a Tidecaller searching for the Aspect of the Moon.
  • Nasus Nasus interacted with Myisha Myisha in the past.
  • Rhaast Rhaast fought against LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png5 Pantheon in the past.


Star Forger

Born in the first breath of creation, Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol roamed the vast nothingness of the cosmos, gracing it with his wonders. A celestial dragon is an exotic creature, and as such, Aurelion Sol seldom encountered any equals. As more forms of life emerged to fill the universe, a multitude of primitive eyes gazed up and beheld his work with wonder and breathless pondering. Flattered by this audience of countless worlds, he became fascinated by their fledgling civilizations, who crafted amusingly self-centered philosophies on the nature of his stars. One such ambitious species to catch the attention of the dragon were the Runeterran Targonians.

Amazed by the spectacles which the Cosmic Being performed before their very eyes, the Targonians titled the dragon Aurelion Sol and presented him with a gift as a token of respect: a splendorous crown of star-gems, which he promptly donned. Before long, though, boredom drew Aurelion Sol back to his work in the fertile vastness of space. However, the further from the reach of that tiny world he traveled, the more he felt a grasping at his very essence, pulling him off his path, directing him elsewhere! He could hear voices shouting, commanding, from across the cosmic expanse. The gift he'd received was no gift at all.

Pantheon Pantheon awaiting Aurelion Sol's Aurelion Sol's arrival

Outraged, he fought these controlling impulses and attempted to break his bonds by force, only to discover that for each attack against his newfound masters, one of his stars vanished forever from the firmament. A powerful magic now yoked Aurelion Sol, forcing him to wield his powers exclusively for Targon's benefit. He battled chitinous beasts that tore at the fabric of this universe. He clashed with other cosmic entities, some of which he had known since the dawn of time. For millennia, he fought Targon's wars, crushed any threats to its dominance, and helped it forge a star-spanning empire.

As his past glories slowly vanished from the celestial realm for lack of maintenance, Aurelion Sol resigned himself to never again bask in the warmth of a freshly ignited star. Then, he felt it - a weakening in his unwilling pact. The voices from the crown grew sporadic, clashing, arguing with each other while some fell ominously silent. An unknown catastrophe he could not fathom had thrown off the balance of those who bound him. They were scattered and distracted. Hope crept into his heart.

Driven by the tantalizing possibility of impending freedom, Aurelion Sol arrives on the world where it all began: Runeterra. It is here the balance will finally tip in his favor. And with it, civilizations across the stars shall bear witness to his rebellion and again play audience to his might. All will learn what fate befalls those who strive to steal for themselves the power of a cosmic dragon.


  • A Celestial Being known as Bard Bard is frequently followed by minion like spirits known as Meeps Meeps that aid him in his tasks.
  • The Celestials are in direct opposition with the Void Crest icon.png Void and have made powerful beings in Runeterra's past to combat this threat.
  • Each Aspect is an embodiment of a concept, if they die, the concept they embody (war, twilight, wandering and etc.) will disappear from reality, changing it as a whole. The Darkin had their celestials/concepts already erased, but the efforts of other ascended and mortals with sealing the darkin prevent them from fading into nothingness.[1][2]
  • Eternals are long forgotten deities of Runeterran history that are preserved in the Celestial Realm in the form of constellations and archetypes. It is unclear if some of these deities are also Aspects as some of them share titles and characteristics.


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