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Cats Versus Dogs

By Jared Rosen

Cats Versus Dogs, is an alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a world where cats and dogs reign, each of the champions represent an opposing factions battling against each other.


"The world will begin again under Cats or Dogs."

  • Rengar PrettyKittyCircle Pretty Kitty Rengar
    Once again, the prettiest kitty… is the deadliest.
  • Maokai MeowkaiCircle Meowkai
    Maokai has, at long last, embraced his role as a giant, haunted scratching post.
  • Yorick MeowrickCircle Meowrick
    A cat fancier hailing from the Forsaken Aisles of a Pets Supreme Superstore, Yorick does not have any unresolved issues involving or related to cats. Yorick is a perfectly normal gentleman dressed as a cat, surrounded by cats, who can call upon the esoteric powers of a giant, floating cat. You know, normal gentleman stuff.
  • Corki CorgiCircle Corgi Corki
    A dog trainer with some impractical ideas about canine aerodynamics, Corki has entered the world's foremost pet show with a flight-enabled Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Why has he done this? What does he hope to gain? Is he really a Yordle, or just a very small man? These are all important questions.
  • Fizz FuzzCircle Fuzz Fizz
    Well, that's horrifying.
  • Fizz PrestigeFuzzCircle Fuzz Fizz Prestige Edition
    There's something deeply unnerving about a bipedal Cocker Spaniel mix running around society unchecked, stabbing pedestrians with a tennis ball grabber, and summoning other, bigger dogs out of the ground. And yet, here we all are. Together.
  • Kog'Maw Pug'MawCircle Pug'Maw
    Chromaskins Chromas: Citrine, Granite, Meteorite, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Sandstone, Speckled
    Pug'Maw is a nine month old purebred pug with a sweet disposition and possibly some sort of salivary problem. Great with children and pets. Highly food motivated. Has eaten three action figures and one doll, approach with extreme caution.
  • Nasus ArchdukeCircle Archduke Nasus
    In primary school, Nasus was told an old dog couldn't learn new tricks. Now, in his older years as an accomplished statesman, painter, and composer, he wonders if there is truth in those words. After all, he simply cannot seem to get his chamber orchestra to listen to his directions.



Cats VS Dogs - Login Screen

Cats VS Dogs - Login Screen

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Cats VS Dogs Skins Trailer - League of Legends


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