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Lunar Revel and Lunar New Year

As part of the deliberate-disambiguation efforts of PROJECT: Renaming and Migration, I pitch that skin themes/event collections be split into multiple distinct articles. This is particularly important with events spanning multiple games as we go forward.

Disambiguation/Article Names
  • Lunar Revel refers to an in-universe event that corresponds to Lunar New Years - e.g. Lunar Revel (Festival) (Universe article).
  • Lunar Revel is an event that has occured on multiple occassions e.g. Lunar Revel (2019) (Events article).
  • Lunar Revel is refers to a collection of skins that were released as part of Lunar Revel Events and may or may not be set within the Lunar Revel festival - e.g. Lunar Revel (Collection) (Collections article).
  • Lunar New Year is a real-world event that Riot schedules events around - e.g. Lunar Near Year, Lunar Revel (2019), Mecha Warring Kingdoms (2020) and Lunar Beasts (2021) (Events/calendar articles).

Where some of these articles are not distinct enough, they could be the same article (e.g. the collection and the in-universe article).

Do not use TabView to connect any of these articles. Use See More sections, Full Article notices, bottom navigation templates or next/previous fields within an infobox. 📉 Emptylord (talk) 05:40, 8 February 2021 (UTC)