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Melee role.png Melee champions are recognizable by their point-blank basic attacks.

Base Stats

  • Range: All melee champions begin with basic attack range that can vary from 125 to 200. Using abilities, however, some can increase their range beyond those numbers. Some can transform into Ranged role.png ranged forms (such as Jayce Jayce and Kayle Kayle) while others remain melee (such as Aatrox Aatrox and Nasus Nasus). The highest possible melee basic attack range is 725, which can be obtained by Rengar Rengar with his Unseen Predator Unseen Predator.
  • Movement speed: There is at least one melee champion in every movement speed tier, which vary from 325 to 355. There are also only melee champions in the highest speed tier, with them being Master Yi Master Yi and Pantheon Pantheon.
  • Magic resistance: Most melee champions gain 1.25 MR per level, reaching 52.5 base MR at level 18. The only exception to this is Kassadin Kassadin, who gains 0.5 MR per level. Elise Elise, Gnar Gnar, Jayce Jayce, Kayle Kayle, and Nidalee Nidalee can have a ranged form and hence they also gain only 0.5 MR per level, just like every ranged champion.

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