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    "Exalt me like the God I am, MEOW!"
LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png4 Prof. Von-Yipp[1]

Cats are a sentient and sapient feline race that reside both on Runeterra as well as Bandle City.


Cat Champions

Related Characters

  • Alune Alune is periodically visited by Yuumi in the Spirit Realm where she resides.
  • Braum Braum had Yuumi rest on his shoulders for a time during their travels. She protected him from angry snow-spirits stirring up flurries in a hailstorm, while he brought her wriggling fish.
  • Lulu Lulu, Tristana Tristana, and Teemo Teemo know of Yuumi through her Master Norra.
  • Singed Singed use to own a hairless cat that he used as a test subject against a shimmer altered rat.


Runeterran cats resemble Felis catus in real life. They possess some level of sapient intelligence as they are capable of higher thought processes and complex tool usage. While they are incapable of articulating human speak (without technology used to translate their meows), they are capable of understanding it.

Cats from the Spirit Realm, most notably around Bandle City show some slight visual differences (brightly gold coloured fur) compared to their Runeterran counterparts.

In many universes dogs are the natural enemies and/or rivals to cats.

In the linkSpace Groove (Universe) Space Groove universe, cats are an extraterrestrial sapient species capable of creating technologically advanced tools, weapons, and vehicles such as mechs and spaceships.


Cats, like dogs are domesticated animal companions, and as such have a deep cultural and historical ties to the civilizations of their owners. This species is has been bred and shaped to suit the jobs they were required to perform.

One example of feline cat motifs can be found in Shuriman mythology, with some ascended taking forms inspired from it.

LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png4 Ajuna Lem was a human who frequently took care of stray animals, including cats. They would often get badly injured in the dangerous areas of Zaun, so he would often build them cybernetic prosthetic replacements for their amputated body parts.




Yuumi, the Magical Cat - Login Screen

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