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Caster minions are ranged minions. Three caster minions spawn with each minion wave.


  • Caster minions upgrade every 90 seconds increasing their health and AD. At the sixth upgrade they change their health and AD scaling. This continues until the 25th upgrade.
  • Caster minions have the cosmetic item Phreakish Gusto Phreakish Gusto:
    • Unique: Turret icon Turret basic attacks are modified to deal 70% of this minion's maximum health as pre-mitigation damage.
    • The item's name is a reference to Phreak.
  • Caster minions deal 50% reduced damage against Turret icon structures.

Map Differences[]


  • In Teamfight Tactics Sets 1, 2 and 4, their Red Team variants Red Team variants featured as PvE Round monsters in Rounds 1–3 and 1–4.
  • Caster Minion had different names during development:
    • Beta 1 were called Barracks Wizard.
      • There were Beta 1 ranged minions called Archer Minion.
    • Beta 3 were called Wizard Minion.
    • Summoner's Rift Update caster minions are referred to Ranged Minion in game files.


Patch History[]

  • Shared XP multiplier increased to 124% from 116%.
    • Solo XP unchanged at 95%.
  • Removed: Mid lane minions no longer give 1 Gold 1 less before 14:00.
  • New Effect: All minions spawned in the middle lane will now be worth 1 Gold 1 less before 14 minutes when last hit.
  • Minion solo experience multiplier increased to 0.93 from 0.92.
    • Solo XP increased to 29.76 from 29.44.
  • Minion shared experience multiplier reduced to 1.16 from 1.2.
    • Shared XP reduced to 37.12 from 38.4.
  • Health changed to 296 − 485 (based on upgrades) from 296 − 425 (based on minutes).
    • Time threshold to trigger health cap increased to 37 minutes from 27 minutes.
    • Maximum health increased to 485 from 425 (previous maximum at 27 minutes). Value at 27 minutes remains 425.
  • Attack damage changed to 24 − 120 (based on upgrades) from 22.5 (+1.5 / 90s).
    • Attack damage now has a maximum threshold instead of scaling infinitely.
    • Maximum attack damage implemented at 120.5 (at 37 minutes). Previous value at 37 minutes was 60.5.
  • Hand of Baron Hand of Baron
    • Incoming champion damage reduction increased to 70% from 50%.

  • Base gold reward reduced to 14 Gold 14 from 17 Gold 17.
  • Gold reward growth reduced to 0 Gold 0 from 0 0.125.
  • Health growth over time decreased by ~60%
  • Ranged minions now gain ~100% attack damage as the game progresses
  • DAMAGE TO MINIONS Turret bullets now deal a fixed percent of minion max health:
    • RANGED ~70% health per bullet
  • MINION DAMAGE BONUS While your team has a level advantage, your minions deal bonus damage to enemy minions equal to 5% + 5% per turret advantage in their lane, all multiplied by your team's level advantage.
  • MINION DEFENSE BONUS While your team has a level advantage, your minions take reduced damage from enemy minions equal to 1 + 1 per turret advantage in that lane, with the turret advantage bonus multiplied by the team's level advantage.
  • INITIAL GOLD VALUE 13.8 gold ⇒ 17 gold
  • GOLD GROWTH 0.17 gold per minute ⇒ 0.125 gold per minute
  • Visual and Gameplay Update on Howling Abyss map (to match Summoner's Rift).
  • Minions no longer gain magic resistance over time.
  • Minion health gain over time increased to compensate the loss of resistances.
  • Minions no longer gain armor or magic resistance over time.
  • All minion health gain over time has been increased to be roughly as durable as when they had resistances.
  • Visual Update on Summoner's Rift map.
  • Lane Minions are no longer worth more experience based on game time.
  • Base gold value reduced to 15 from 16.
  • Caster minion armor now increases by 1.25 every 3 minutes (up from 0.5).