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Cassandra (Universe)Cassandra (Universe)

"You're a Councilor's daughter. Your actions reflect on the entire body."
Cassandra Cassandra to Caitlyn Caitlyn, 'Oil and Water'

Cassandra Kiramman[2] is the matriarch of Kiramman Clan and a member of Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover's ruling council. She is also the wife of Tobias Kiramman Tobias Kiramman and the mother of Caitlyn Kiramann Caitlyn Kiramann.


Early Life

Cassandra was born and raised into the Kiramman Clan, and inherited her family's position on Piltover's ruling council as an adult. Eventually, she would marry a man named Tobias and have a daughter named Caitlyn.

At some point after she became a politician, Cassandra saw ambition in Jayce Talis Jayce Talis, a young prodigy and aspiring scientist at Piltover's esteemed academy, and decided to fund his education and research as his patron. In order to help him with this, she also granted him access to one of her family's buildings in the city's academy district to serve as his workshop.[3]

Hexgem Incident

Years later, when the workshop they were letting Jayce work out of was blown up after a break-in, Jayce's illicit research into the Arcane was exposed. Cassandra was infuriated that he'd inadvertently placed Caitlyn, who'd been with him at the time, at risk, though her daughter and husband were still able to convince her to speak in favor of Jayce during the trial. Though she did try in the beginning to speak about his good character and potential contributions to society, the trial quickly turned against his favor when he spoke about trying to create magic through science. Cassandra then agreed to the motion to expel him from the Academy without further objections. She refused to speak with Jayce further and even tried to keep Caitlyn from becoming friends with him.[3]

Piltovan Bicentennial

With Councilor Medarda's Councilor Medarda's machinations, however, Jayce and his new partner Viktor Viktor managed to perfect his research, later Hextech, and he was given the authority to continue working on it.[4] Mrs. Kiramman eventually became one of the many entrepreneurs in Piltover to benefit from the creation of the Hexgates.[5]

Eventually, her only daughter Caitlyn chose to become an Piltover Police Crest.png enforcer, a decision that she disapproved of. A few years after, Caitlyn was injured in an explosion that occurred at the end of Piltover's Progress Day and had killed six other enforcers. Fearing for her safety, Cassandra and her husband had Marcus remove her from the force.

After the incident that also resulted in the theft of Jayce's Hextech Gemstone, the Council agreed to add him to their table as a Councilor.[4] Jayce's new position made him aware of the regular corruption and bribery that occured among businesses using his gates and ordered the strengthening of security, causing the Councilors and others to plot against him. Convinced by Mel, Jayce earned back the Council's favor by forging his own deals with each of them, including Cassandra.[5] With this, she and the rest of the Council were easily convinced to agree with Jayce's later suggestion to force Heimerdinger to retire from the Council.[6]

Despite Caitlyn's dismissal as an enforcer, she continued to investigate her theories on Zaun's underground crime organization. Caitlyn found her way to Zaun with a guide guide and returned a few days later, once again injured from another deadly explosion on the bridge, asking for a chance to present her findings to the Council. Caitlyn tried to explain to her how horrid the living situation was in Zaun and how the Council's passiveness was making it worse; with some convincing, she got them an audience at their next meeting. Despite their testimony on Silco Silco, the Council decided to instead try diplomacy to avoid initiating a war against the undercity.[7]

Jayce later informed the Council of a deal he'd made with Silco—their peace, and the surrender of the one the one responsible for the recent explosions, in exchange for Zaun's independence. After some discussion and objections, the Council unanimously agreed, only for the meeting to be bombed by Jinx with a rocket powered by Jayce's Hextech Gemstone. Her fate after the incident is currently unknown, while her daughter witnessed the bombing from a safe distance away.[8]


Cassandra is a fit middle aged pale woman with blue eyes and dark brown hair (with gray streaks). She is often seen wearing typical wealthy Piltovan dresses, with additional accessories such as earrings and a bow tie.


As a politician, Cassandra is somewhat selfish and unreasonable, as displayed by how she cared more about the impact of Caitlyn's action on her reputation as opposed to the horrible things that her daughter saw in the undercity. She is also overprotective and strict towards her daughter, given by how she used her political influence to ensure Caitlyn's safety as an enforcer.

Despite all this, however, Cassandra cares deeply about her family, especially her daughter, and generally supports her decisions, as displayed when she gave Caitlyn and Vi an audience with the council.


  • Diplomacy: As the head of the Kiramman Clan and the matron of her family, Cassandra had to become skilled in the art of diplomacy to strengthen her clans status in Piltovan politics. At some point she would become Councilor in the Piltovan Council.
  • Hunting: Just like the rest of her family, Cassandra has an interest in hunting as a hobby.
  • Rifle Proficiency: Like her husband and daughter, Cassandra is skilled with a rifle. She would also use a rifle to defend her home of any would be invaders.


Tobias Kiramman Tobias Kiramman

Caitlyn Kiramman Caitlyn Kiramman

Jayce Talis Jayce Talis

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