Two LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png2 Mistwraiths, showing how copies of a card on the board can have a different card style.

LoR Card Styles icon.png Card styles are a way to customize cards.

Introduced in V1.16, starting with Prismatic.

Once a style for a card is unlocked, it will apply to all copies of the card put into your Deck when built ( ππ„ππƒπˆππ† π…πŽπ‘ 𝐓𝐄𝐒𝐓 if they apply to cards in deck in non-constructed modes), and any copy of a card created by another will have its creator's style, or lack of, applied to it.


  • Prismatic card styles can be unlocked by:
    • Coin Coin
      • LoR Common icon.png Common - 100 Coin 100;
      • LoR Rare icon.png Rare - 200 Coin 200;
      • LoR Epic icon.png Epic - 300 Coin 300;
      • LoR Champion icon.png Champion - 600 Coin 600.
    • Essence Essence. See Essence page for details.
    • Prismatic Chests, pick three of the cards you own with the Style applied.
      • Common Prismatic Chest.png Common: At least 1 Prismatic Common card
      • Rare Prismatic Chest.png Rare: At least 1 Prismatic Rare card. Small chance upgraded to a Prismatic Champion card.
      • Epic Prismatic Chest.png Epic: At least 1 Prismatic Epic card. Best chance upgraded to a Prismatic Champion card.

Prismatic Card Style

A unit card with Prismatic card style.

  • Prismatic Card Style icon.png Prismatic card style has a silver border with Unit and gold with Champion with holographic effect in the card image.
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