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The Viego Teaser 02 square.jpg Kingdom of Camavor is a former kingdom on a continent in the eastern hemisphere of Runeterra, not currently shown on the map. The kingdom was once attacked by a Darkin who enslaved Vladimir Vladimir. It collapsed after Viego Viego began neglecting his duties as king.


Champions of Camavor

Other Camavorian Characters

  • Ledros Ledros was the king's champion and a commanding officer in the military of Camavor.
  • Isolde Isolde was the king's wife, the Queen of Camavor before her death.



Not much is known about the kingdom's foundation; however, based on its known expansionism, Camavor likely started as a small kingdom that would later conquer the land beyond its realm. It is possible that the people of Camavor had the same ancestors as the diaspora of the Westward Migration.

The Great Darkin War

Legend once told of a prince a prince in a kingdom threatened by the infamous Darkin, as their great war spilled into the rest of Valoran. With his father’s crown at stake, and many more heirs ahead of him in the line of succession, the unfortunate youth was traded to the fallen god-warriors as a hostage. Should he break faith with his new master, Vladimir would be slain. But like all his father’s promises, it was empty. He cared nothing for his own son, and broke his oath within the year.

But instead of killing him, his Darkin master had something altogether more amusing in mind. Amusing for him, at any rate. He offered Vladimir the chance to lead his armies against his father’s kingdom, an offer Vladimir gladly accepted. He destroyed his father’s city and presented his head to his master. Believing himself above other mortal vassals, and therefore worthy of the powerful blood magic, Vladimir was the first of his kind permitted to study this terrifying magic. His devotion earned him a place of favor in his patron’s warhost, and the right to practice hemomancy and enforce the darkin’s will on lesser beings. Over time, the god-warrior watched with amusement as Vladimir came to govern his subjects with as little mercy as the darkin themselves.[2]

At some point after being taken by his Darkin master, Vladimir started sending customary, yearly letters to his original kingdom to whoever was running Camavor at the time, which are typically responded by royal family.[3]


At some point Isolde Isolde creates a doll doll. Viego Viego becomes the king following his brother's death, while his niece Kalista Kalista becomes the king's general. Viego meets and marries his queen, Isolde. Hecarim Hecarim becomes the commander of the Iron Order.

Unable to interest himself in governance and having fallen in love, the nation begins to unravel under Viego's questionable leadership. Some of Viego's allies plot in secret to end their new king’s reign before it had begun. His nation’s enemies also see an opportunity to strike and send an assassin to slay him. During an assassination attempt, general Kalista was able to save the king's life but the assassin's blade poisons queen Isolde instead. With the kingdom's greatest priests and surgeons unable to remove the poison, the king dispatches Kalista to search for a cure and the Iron Order remain by the king's side in her absence. Kalista consults with multiple scholars, hermits and mystics throughout her journey but none could save the queen. She eventually discovers the existence of the Blessed Isles Crest icon.png Blessed Isles and the rumor that they may hold the secret to eternal life. She sets sail on one last voyage to the isles and, after much consideration, the island's inhabitants accept Kalista's request and asked her to bring the queen to the island, where they would cleanse her. They give her a special talisman that would allow her to part the island's mists but ask her to keep their secret.

While Kalista was away, the king's paranoia grows and he sends Hecarim and his knights to quell dissent within the kingdom. Hundreds are killed and many towns and villages are destroyed. Eventually the queen dies and Viego descends into madness, locking himself in his tower with the queen's corpse. Hecarim manipulates the king's grief to sanction invading foreign lands under the guise of avenging queen Isolde. But as they prepare to set sail, Kalista returns from her quest, only to find out she is too late. The king asks Kalista for what she has found, but upon seeing his mental state and remembering the promise she made with the people of the Blessed Isles Crest icon.png Blessed Isles, Kalista refuses to reveal what she has discovered and is imprisoned as a traitor. Eventually, at Hecarim's behest, she reveals what she has discovered and agrees to lead them to the isles.

The king and his army sail to the Blessed Isles Crest icon.png Blessed Isles and ask the island's masters to resurrect the queen. When the guardians refused, the king flew into a rage. He orders Kalista to kill anyone who opposes them and to ransack the city of Helia to find the cure. Kalista refuses the order and is stabbed by Hecarim before her forces clash with the Iron Order. A custodian later known as Thresh Thresh guides Viego to the waters of life while Hecarim and his knights pillage the city. The ritual was half-successful, resurrecting the queen as a wraith.

Isolde, in her pain, anger and confusion, takes Viego's enchanted blade enchanted blade and thrusts it through his heart. The magic of the waters and the ancient sword clash, and the chamber’s energy erupted, tearing across the Isles. Hecarim and his knights fuse with their steeds, becoming wraiths, as they try to flee to their ships. With the barrier between the material and spirit realms shattered, the souls of the dead were trapped in eternal torment within the coiling Black Mist, and the newly dubbed Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles was abandoned by all right-thinking mortals.

Rune Wars

It is unknown how the civilization of the Kingdom of Camavor fared after the death of its king. Records of its existence were destroyed during the Rune Wars and, just like many other nations at the time, it is believed to have fallen into ruin.



Viego's Viego's sword, the Blade of the Ruined King Blade of the Ruined King, was a royal, magical weapon which has the ability to call upon the souls of kings to bring them back if wounded.


Camavor is an empire of aggressive conquerors. But unlike Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus, they have no interest in integrating with the societies they rule—they wish only to claim ownership.


  • Camavor was previously known as Camaveia, but the latter was later retconned because it sounded similar to the Brazilian Portuguese words "cama véia" meaning "old bed".[4] The new official name of the kingdom was later revealed in Viego's Viego's champion insight.
  • It's culture was inspired by real word conquistador era Spain and Victorian England.[5]
  • Camavoran dragons are generally more "viper-like" in their appearance compared to those found on Runeterra Crest icon.png Valoran.[6]
    • The designs of the dragons were inspired by ancient Iberian mythology.[7]
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