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Bridge of the Lost is located inside the Howling Abyss in eastern Freljord. It is bellow the Bridge of Sorrows and Bridge of Shadow but above The Hall of the Nine.


In the icy depths beneath the Frostguard Citadel, the horrors of the Void were prevented from entering the material realm, in an age now lost to history. Even so, the strange and unnatural growth of What-Dwells-Below continues, inch by inch, year after year, gradually clawing its way up toward the surface...

Each year, on the vernal equinox, a handful of Frostguard from the Keepers Lodge descend into the Howling Abyss. The true nature of their task is perhaps known only to them... and Lissandra herself.

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The Frostguard profileicon.png Frostguard dwell hidden beneath an eternal winter, deep in the ruins of the ancient Freljord. They live among the ancient ruins to the far north, protecting their leader Lissandra Lissandra as she watches over the Howling Abyss. A cult shrouded in secrecy, the Frostguard archive of all Freljords archaic history. Though seemingly peaceful, the truth of the Frostguard's allegiance is far more disturbed. The world had forgotten the terrible enemy that ruled the Freljord long ago and was cast into the depths of the Howling Abyss following a long and brutal battle. And now, whilst the ignorant sleep, Lissandra keeps the Watchers at bay and plots to rule over all of Runeterra. Even so, missionaries and healers from the cult are common throughout the Freljord. The trolls and their king, Trundle Trundle, have allied themselves with Lissandra, while Nunu Nunu temporarily lived among the Frostguard.


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