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For the Teamfight Tactics icon Teamfight Tactics trait, see Brawler TFT icon Brawler.

Brawlers are hired monster minions in the limited time game mode Black Market Brawlers.

Brawlers cost 5 Krakens to purchase - you can only have one. They cannot be sold. Once hired, Brawlers will accompany each minion wave that spawns on all three lanes.

Brawlers can be upgraded through the store by purchasing Mercenary Upgrade 3 item Mercenary Upgrades, Offense Upgrade 3 item Offense Upgrades or Defense Upgrade 3 item Defense Upgrades, which cost Krakens. Ability upgrades listed below. Each brawler can be upgraded a total of 9 times, with 3 improvements in each area, for a total of 90 Krakens.

  • Level 1 costs 5 Krakens — Ability upgrade, +10 AD or +100 HP.
  • Level 2 costs 10 Krakens — Ability upgrade, +20 AD or +200 HP.
  • Level 3 costs 20 Krakens — Ability upgrade, +30 AD or +300 HP.

Ironback Render
IronbackSquare Ironback - Melee Tanky Siege
  • Initial Hire: 25% reduced damage from enemy turrets.
  • Level 1: 175% damage to enemy structures (75% bonus). Every 10 seconds (after breaking), gains a shield that mitigates 100% physical damage from the next next champion/turret attack.
  • Level 2: 250% damage to enemy structures (150% bonus). While the shield is active, takes 35% reduced damage from minions.
  • Level 3: 325% damage to enemy structures (225% bonus). The shield cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds and the damage reduction from minions is increased to 60%.

Razorfin Render
RazorfinSquare Razorfin - Melee Champion Pursuer
  • Initial Hire: 100% bonus attack speed.
  • Level 1: Upon aggroing an enemy champion, it will pursue them endlessly. Attacks against champions grants 100% movement speed and Ghost ghost.
  • Level 2: Each attack against a champion applies a mark. At 3 marks, deals 300% damage.
  • Level 3: Spawns two razorfins spawn each wave.

Plundercrab Render
PlundercrabSquare Plundercrab - Ranged Champion Harass
  • Initial Hire: Each attack splits to fire a minor bolt at up to one enemy champion within 150 range of the attack target. The minor bolt is modified to deal only 50% damage. Similar to Runaan's Hurricane item Runaan's Hurricane.
  • Level 1: +100 attack range. Attacks against champions grant 20% attack speed for 3 seconds, up to 150%.
  • Level 2: +100 attack range (200 total bonus). Attacks against champions deal 150% damage (75% to secondary targets).
  • Level 3: +150 attack range (350 total bonus). Now fires a minor bolt at every nearby enemy champion. Attacks against minions now deal 150% damage, too.

Ocklepod Render
OcklepodSquare Ocklepod - Ranged Support Utility
  • Initial Hire: Shields target allied minions from the next 100 (+200% Ocklepod's AD) magic damage for 10 seconds. 10 second cooldown.
  • Level 1: +10 MR. Spawns a moving Clairvoyance every 30 seconds that grants vision after 4 second delay.
  • Level 2: +10 MR (20 total bonus). Base shield improved to 250 from 100 and has a 4-second cooldown.
  • Level 3: +10 MR (30 total bonus). Clairvoyance cooldown reduced to 10 seconds and delay reduced to 2 seconds. Sight duration and distance travelled increased by 50%.


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