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Bolbok (Universe)Bolbok (Universe)

"The Arcane is the curse of our world. My race was nearly destroyed by it."
Bolbok Bolbok, 'Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved'

Bolbok is a Piltover Crest icon.png Piltovan aristocrat and a member of Piltover's ruling council.


Early Life

At some point during his life, Bolbok obtained a seat on Piltover's ruling council. He also developed a fear of the arcane, as his entire race was apparently almost annihilated by magic.[1]

Hexgem Incident

When the workshop of an Academy scholar named Jayce Talis Jayce Talis was robbed and accidentally blown up in the process, his unauthorized experimentation with exploiting magic crystals was discovered, becoming a cause for concern of the Council. Bolbok moved for Jayce's banishment as stated in their Ethos, but Heimerdinger Heimerdinger instead moved for him to be expelled from the Academy and banned from his research instead.[1] With Councilor Medarda's Councilor Medarda's machinations, however, Jayce and his new partner Viktor Viktor managed to perfect Jayce's Hextech research and he was given the authority to work on it.[2] Bolbok eventually became one of the many businessmen in Piltover to benefit from Jayce's creation of Hexgates.

At one point, newly-appointed Councilor Jayce ordered the strengthening of security and inspection of trades made through the Hexgates. As Bolbok and his associates had deals with Piltover Police Crest.png enforcers and the rest of the Council to ease their transactions, despite possibly shady dealings, Bolbok and the others began discussing alternatives or what to do about Jayce. Jayce managed to win back their favor soon after with deals of his own.[3] With this, Bolbok and the rest of the Council was easily convinced to agree with Jayce's suggestion to force Heimerdinger to retire from the Council.[4]

When an explosion on the bridge caused by a Zaunite Zaunite resulted in the deaths of multiple enforcers, and their Sheriff's Sheriff's deceit was discovered, the Council convened to discuss their next action. Councilor Kiramman's Councilor Kiramman's daughter Caitlyn Caitlyn arrived to address them and told them about Silco Silco. Though Bolbok was quick to shoot down her statements as baseless due to prior investigations yielding no results, Caitlyn was quick to prove her point by pointing out that the investigations were led by their corrupt late Sheriff.[5] Jayce later came to their next meeting with the proposition to grant Zaun their independence. After some discussion and objections, the Council unanimously agreed, only for the meeting to be bombed by Jinx with a missile powered by Jayce's Hextech Gemstone.[6] Bolbok's fate after the incident is currently unknown.





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Alternate Universes

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Arcane (TV Series)

Every legend has a beginning.


  • Bolbok does not consume sustenance.[7]


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