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The Blue Sentinel is a neutral monster on Summoner's Rift. It has negative magic resistance.

Kill the Blue Sentinel to receive the Crest of Insight buff Crest of Insight, a buff which grants increased mana regeneration (or energy regeneration) as well as cooldown reduction.


Blue SentinelSquare Sentinels, or Stone-golems, are magical fusion of flora, fauna, and rock native to Valoran but can also be found in Ionia and on the Shuriman Continent. Despite its rock like appearance, its behavior is very much of an animal reminiscent of a bear or wolf. The creature is powered by nature magic. Sentinel Runespirit profileicon Smaller forms of this creature are called SentrySquare Sentries. Ivern OriginalSquare Ivern has befriended an injured Daisy OriginalSquare stone-golem. Knowing the poor creature was on the verge of death, he fashioned her a new heart from a river pebble. Adhering to the tradition of all mineral beings, the golem became Ivern's devoted life-friend. He named her Daisy! Daisy, after the flowers that mysteriously sprouted from her stone body. Today, if Ivern is threatened, she Daisy, wait! races to his side.


  • Without slows, the Blue Sentinel has a movement speed of 200 [180 (+20)]. When its Frenzy mastery 2013 patience runs out its movement speed is increased by 20%, to 218 [180 (+36) (+2)].



Summoner's Rift - Login Screen

Summoner's Rift - Login Screen

Patch History

  • Experience increased to 110 − 148.5 (based on monster's level) from 110 − 137.5 (based on monster's level).
  • Experience reduced to 110 − 137.5 (based on monster's level) from 115 − 143.75 (based on monster's level).
  • Experience reduced to 115 − 143.75 (based on monster's level) from 115 − 180 (based on monster's level).
  • Experience reduced to 115 − 180 (based on monster's level) from 180 at all levels.
  • Experience reduced to 180 from 200.
  • Initial spawn timer reduced to 1:30 from 1:40.
  • Experience reduced to 200 from 210.
  • Monster Base Health Growth by Level :: 100% - 200% >> 100% - 170%
  • Monster Base Armor Growth by Level :: 100% - 100% >> 100% - 300%
  • Magic Resistance :: -10 >> -15
  • Movement Speed :: 180 >> 150
  • Monsters spawn time changed to 15 seconds earlier (not Dragon or Baron)
  • Blue and Red shove around the small monsters in their camp if those monsters get in their way of getting to their targeted champion.
  • Armor reduced from 20 to 10
  • Blue Sentinel's attacks can no longer critically strike
  • Experience reward down from 100 to 90
  • Gold reward up from 51 to 58
  • Pathing size of Blue and Red monsters moderately large >>> smaller
  • Leash Range has been reduced to 700 from 750
  • Maximum leashes allowed increased to 6 from 5
  • Losing Monster aggro due to being out of range now also increments its leash counter by 1.
  • Increased XP gained
  • Levels 1-4 unchanged
  • Levels 5-7 3% more base XP
  • Levels 8-10 6% more base XP
  • Level 11-18 10% more base XP
  • Soft leash limit to 5 down from 10.
  • Champions receive less experience if the cleared monster camp is three levels lower than their own
  • Slightly adjusted positioning of Blue/Red buff camps.
  • Gold per camp reduced by 10
  • Gold per large camp added on jungle items
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