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By Jared Rosen

Bloodstone is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a world of the Bloostone, each champion is a Bloodstone cultist.


Bloostone Cultists
  • Hecarim BloodKnightCircle Blood Knight Hecarim
    A zealous sycophant to his order, Hecarim unquestioningly serves the will of the Bloodstone. While less subtle than his masters would like, he is nonetheless effective in his purpose of executing enemies in a grisly fashion.
  • Lissandra BloodstoneCircle Bloodstone Lissandra
    Once a powerful sorceress who sought absolute control over her followers, Lissandra transformed into something altogether different when she finally found the hallowed Bloodstone. The magic she drew from it drove her to slay those who once tended to her every whim. To this day she wanders in search of more mortals to sacrifice to her newfound source of power.
  • Renekton BloodfuryCircle Bloodfury Renekton
    This blood-crazed killing machine scours the battlefield to sate the Bloodstone. The more he slays, the more he fuels his powers. This in turn feeds his frenzy, creating a never ending cycle of spilt viscera and gore.
  • Taric BloodstoneCircle Bloodstone Taric
    Considered to be the most handsome and cunning acolyte of his Bloodstone cult, Taric seized power after the former leader took to the hunt. Now fully in control of his Bloodstone artifact, he uses his powers to maintain his youth and beauty at all costs—even if it means getting his hands a little bloody.
  • Vladimir BloodLordCircle Blood Lord Vladimir
    Former leader of a Bloodstone cult, Vladimir took part in a ritual that sacrificed his humanity—along with the blood of several victims—to transform the once foppish noble into a terror of the night. To satiate his sanguine cravings, he stalks the urban labyrinth in search of hapless prey.


The Rivers Shall Run Red

Crystal Quest

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League of Legends Blood Lord Vladimir Trailer

League of Legends Blood Lord Vladimir Trailer


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