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"I thought maybe you could love me like you used to. Even though I'm... different. But you changed too. So, here's to the new us."

In Dev Update - Champs, Lore & More, Laura 'poisonpixxi' DeYoung, Head of IP Creative for Riot Games, elaborated on their new approach to narrative cohesiveness by ironing out any inconsistencies that have sprung up over the years.

This article contains information that conflicts with this new narrative and will most likely be changed/moved in the following year(s).

For further information on these changes, see Canonical inconsistencies
Blitzcrank OriginalCentered
Blitzcrank (Universe)Blitzcrank (Universe)
Blitzcrank (League of Legends)Blitzcrank (League of Legends)
Blitzcrank (Esports)Blitzcrank (Esports)
Blitzcrank (Teamfight Tactics)Blitzcrank (Teamfight Tactics)
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A behemoth of burnished metal, steam, and crackling electricity, Blitzcrank Blitzcrank walks the streets of Zaun Crest icon Zaun in a tireless effort to improve the undercity and give aid to those in need. Created to descend into the most caustic and dangerous of environments in Zaun to dispose of harmful waste, they have evolved beyond the bounds of their original programming, thanks to the genius of their inventor, and the mysterious power of hextech.

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After a massive chem-spill devastated entire districts of Zaun Crest icon Zaun, a series of mechanical golems were sent out to clean up the mess. Designed to remove the toxic waste claiming the neighborhoods, these lumbering golems, toiled continuously in extremely hazardous locations, fulfilling their programming to better the city for the people of Zaun. Eventually, one particular golem was rendered inoperative, discarded as useless scrap. It wasn't until the esteemed inventor Viktor Viktor discovered the abandoned golem, seeing the potential within its inert chassis. Viktor ran a series of experiments to improve the automaton, implanting a priceless hextech crystal from the deserts of Shurima Crest icon Shurima into the forsaken golem as an immense upgrade.

As the machine rumbled to life, Viktor named it Blitzcrank after the fizzing arcs of lighting that danced around their frame; an unexpected side effect of the hextech crystal within their chassis. As Blitzcrank was sent down into the most toxic parts of Zaun, they proved more than capable of laboring just like their steam-powered brethren. However, Viktor witnessed Blitzcrank miraculously accomplish tasks with vastly improved speed and efficiency, realizing that his custom-built golem had actually been learning rather than simply laboring.

Growing Sentient[]

As Blitzcrank continued to clean up the chemical spills of Zaun, they began to innovate, interpret and extrapolate on their daily directives, serving the people of Zaun much further. Blitzcrank's intelligence would grow so much that they would interact with the Zaunite citizens on a regular basis, something unheard of for a laboring steam golem. Meanwhile, Viktor would attempt to replicate his achievement to no avail, as origin of Blitzcrank's blossoming consciousness became complete enigma to him, but most likely the product of the hextech crystal.

As Blitzcrank continued to learn and grow, concepts such as moderation and nuance remained alien to the golem, as Blitzcrank would persue any effort with their entirety or not at all. This would cause Blitzcrank to overdo or misinterpret requests at times, such as smashing down the front of a tenement to help a single resident who lost their keys. At one point, Viktor dispatched Blitzcrank to clean up runoff of caustic chemicals. Reasoning that the most efficient means to prevent further pollution was to eliminate the source of said pollution, Blitzcrank proceeded to destroy the factory, their lightning-wreathed fists not stopping until it was reduced to a mound of rubble and twisted iron.

A local chem-baron who had owned the factory became enraged when Blitzcrank destroyed it, demanding that Viktor either destroy the golem or pay a steeper price in blood. Viktor became devastated, having witnessed Blitzcrank's growth in sentience and considering them a living being. He eventually concocted a scheme to smuggle Blitzcrank to safety, but discovered that his creation had already left to ensure the safety of their creator as the two parted ways. However, as Viktor returned to Piltover Crest icon Piltover to continue his studies, he discovered that his teacher Professor Stanwick had actually held a symposium about Blitzcrank, presenting their creation as his own and taking Viktor's credit.[1]

Modern History[]

Having grown into self-sufficiency, Blitzcrank decided to take up their own mission independent of their creator, looking to resolve Zaun's local problems and better life for its citizens their own way. They would often patrol the city, serving to assist and protect any Zaunites without pausing for instruction. Always searching for any problems in need of solution, Blitzcrank aims to shepherd Zaun down the path of becoming the greatest city in the world. It's also rumored that Blitzcrank has slowly been upgrading their own form, adding modifications to their own body to help further their goal.

While swinging around Zaun with their rocket arms, Blitzcrank found themself at the Rising Howl, a massive Hexdraulic Conveyor designed to allow vertical travel between the Sump to the Boundary Markets atop Zaun. Blitzcrank stopped at the elevator to enjoy the noise and unique sounds from the massive machine, curiously surveying the many passengers riding it.

As the Howl began to descend from the Entresol level, it abruptly jammed, causing a terrible malfunction as it painfully braced against the support beams before dropping entirely. As the elevator quickly fell and the passengers screamed, Blitzcrank attempted to grasp onto the support beams and stop the Howl from falling. During the chaos, a young boy almost fell out of the Howl's window before Blitzcrank grasped him with his arm mid-air. Blitzcrank eventually managed to grasp onto the support beams, abruptly stopping the elevator and saving the lives of all the passengers. Once the elevator began to stabilize, the Howl's passengers were directed to medical workers by the conductor, who graciously thanked the golem. Blitzcrank simply responded by saying they were 'fulfilling their purpose' before bidding the passengers a good day.[2]

Recent events[]

Blitzcrank helped out Ekko Ekko when he was fighting a gang of chempunks, grabbing some of them and blasting them with a wave of electricity to protect the young boy.[3] After this, he would quickly befriend Ekko and the rest of his gang, including Zeri Zeri. At one point, Blitzcrank became badly damaged after a violent encounter with a couple of scrappers, causing the detachment of their arm. Luckily, Zeri was nearby to help save and repair them.[4]


Blitzcrank is a big Techmaturgical Golem build out of golden/bronze colored steel plating. It has a big steam engine attached to its back which it retained from its original creation. Their body is staticly electrified by the Hextech crystal within them. This is most notable around the screws that represent their knuckles.


Unlike other Techmaturgical Golems, Blitzcrank is able to learn and adapt, similar to artifical intelligence. Despite its imposing size and cold steel, Blitzcrank is a kind hearted, altruistic golem and will lend a helping hand to anyone in Zaun Crest icon Zaun who needs it.


  • Golem Physiology: Blitzcrank is a golem, an artificial construct made of metal and powered by technological programming. After Blitzcrank's body had a hextech crystal, they evolved a form of advanced sentience and are continuously growing their intelligence every day.
    • Rocket Arms: Rocket Arms: Blitzcrank has upgraded their own body with augmentations that allow their arms to detach and launch forward, connected by wires and chains to their chassis. Blitzcrank can use these arms to climb great heights, swing long distances or grab people from afar.
    • Electrical Field: Electrical Field: Because of the hextech crystal at their core, Blitzcrank constantly emits electrical energy and sparks. Using the power of the crystal, Blitzcrank can launch a wave of electricity outwards, capable of shocking and stunning opponents surrounding them.


Zaun Crest icon Zaun[]

Created in the service of Zaun Crest icon Zaun, Blitzcrank prides himself in protecting the citizens of Zaun from the chemical spill that dots the city's landscape. Far more effecient than their peers, they were able to clean up multiple spills without sustaining any damage that would have cause for repair.

After a while Blitzcrank was learning beyond what their initial directives had set out for them. They started to innovate, interpreting and extrapolating on their daily directives. As a result, they did far more to serve the people of Zaun, and even began to interact with them on a regular basis.

Viktor Viktor[]

Viktor Viktor discovered a Golem, after it was abandoned because it was rendered inoperative. In a stroke of brilliance, Viktor implanted a Hextech crystal into the machine that would elevate it far beyond the original scope of its creation. After the machine rumbled to life, Viktor named his new creation Blitzcrank after the fizzing arcs of lightning that danced around their frame. It was an unexpected side effect of the hextech crystal.

Viktor is protective over his creation. When it is threatened to be destroyed, he start planning how to get it to safety. Before he was able to enact this plan, the golem already left his facility.

Ekko Ekko[]

Ekko Ekko and Blitzcrank have fought chempunks together.

Zeri Zeri[]

Blitzcrank used to help Zeri Zeri climb the Clocktower of Piltover Crest icon Piltover. She notes that their arm is no joke. At one point, Blitzcrank became badly damaged after a violent encounter with a couple of scrappers, causing the detachment of their arm. Luckily, Zeri was nearby to help save and repair them.[4]

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Change log[]

Character blurb
5 Nov 2019 (During V9.22) Current Version.
Enemy Missing pingMISSINGEnemy Missing ping First version.

Blitzcrank Blitzcrank is an enormous, near-indestructible steam golem originally built to dispose of hazardous waste in Zaun Crest icon Zaun. Evolved beyond his primary purpose, Blitzcrank selflessly uses his strength and durability to protect others. Able to see past false veneers and artifice to the truth of an intention, Blitzcrank moves to help those in need.


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