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Zed Zed recasting Living Shadow Living Shadow to blink and swap places with his shadow.

A blink is a type of spell in League of Legends that causes the caster to move to a target location or unit instantaneously without traversing the space between.

If a blink would place the caster inside impassable terrain, they are instead placed at the nearest passable area. This mechanism causes a blink to technically be able to transport the caster at up to twice the normal range across terrain.

As blinks do not require the user to traverse any intervening terrain, they allow the caster to circumvent any obstacles placed in their path - for example, Ezreal's Ezreal's Arcane Shift Arcane Shift being used to exit Veigar's Veigar's Event Horizon Event Horizon without becoming Stun icon stunned. The only exception is Camille's Camille's The Hextech Ultimatum The Hextech Ultimatum, which has borders that cannot be bypassed by any form of movement, including blink.

Blink abilities cannot be cast while under the effects of Grounded icon ground or Root icon root.

Summon Tibbers Pets attempting to move past their leash ranges will cause them to blink back to their owner.

Vex's Vex's Doom 'n Gloom Doom 'n Gloom and Sudden Impact Sudden Impact have interactions with blinks.


Champion Abilities[]

Summoner Spells[]



  • The term 'blink' is a holdover of terminology from League of Legends' spiritual predecessor, Defense of the Ancients, where it is the name of one of the hero Anti Mage's abilities and the Blink Dagger, which both provide short-distance teleportation when activated.