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  • Fiddlesticks FiddleMeTimbersCircle Fiddle Me Timbers
    Yar har, fiddle-dee-dee.
  • Katarina BilgewaterCircle Bilgewater Katarina
    To outsiders, the politics of Bilgewater seem a mean mess of villainous scum and dishonorable thieves. But woven throughout are complex loyalties, solemn codes of honor, and a very specific (if bloody) way of doing things. Cutting through it all is Katarina, a master of the blade. She silences the right tongues at all the right moments… for the right price.
  • Rumble BilgeratCircle Bilgerat Rumble
    When the burdens of invention weigh too heavy on a young yordle's shoulders, there's no better choice than to take to the seas! Nothing like plunderin' and maraudin' to lend Rumble a new lease on life as he terrorizes the coasts.
  • Ryze PirateCircle Pirate Ryze
    In another world and time, when the stress of preventing another Rune War was just too much, Ryze left behind his previous life to terrorize the high seas of Runeterra! With his trusty cannon on his back, and magic coursing through his veins like gold through his fingers, Pirate Ryze warps from ship to ship and coast to coast, taking what he will.
  • Swain BilgewaterCircle Bilgewater Swain
    What is a ruthless dictator to do, when he tires of the burdens of empire? It's a pirate's life for Swain, m'hearties! Plying the seas outside Bilgewater, his flagship, the Beatrice prowls—searching for storm wracked and serpent-choked vessels, each carrying the promise of plunder and souls.
  • Twitch KingpinCircle Kingpin Twitch
    Many in Bilgewater get called a filthy rat, but none deserve the title more than the Kingpin himself. While other crime bosses in the port city may loathe to get their hands dirty, Twitch revels in wading into the filth himself—crossbow in hand, and a finely aged egg in his pocket.


Olaf vs Everything

Series 1
Series 2

ARAM-ARAMA: The Roadtrip


  • This skin theme is heavily connected to the lore faction of Bilgewater and as such all of its skins were directly inspired by the factions culture.
    • The skin them was also initially released in conjunction with the released of the Burning Tides story event, hence the similar names.
  • In the trailer launch of Odyssey, Yasuo OdysseyCircle Odyssey Yasuo is reading a book: The Storm & the Sabre by Brian Francis Sword, A romantic literature involving the characters Garen RogueAdmiralCircle Rogue Admiral Garen and Katarina BilgewaterCircle Bilgewater Katarina.
  • The Olaf vs. Everything comic is made as officially endorced Riot community project, however characters and events made specifically in it (or taken from outside themes) were introduced with some creative liberty and as such are subject to future changes.
    • Despite having their canon visual appearances, Gnar OriginalSquare Gnar, Olaf OriginalSquare Olaf, Trundle OriginalSquare Trundle, and Illaoi OriginalSquare Illaoi of these worlds are considered as alternate universe characters.[1]


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Butcher's Bridge - Complete Soundtrack

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