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Olaf vs Everything

Welcome to our latest community comics collab, Olaf vs. Everything, in which everyone's favorite Freljordian berserker recklessly hacks, and slashes his way across the known League Universe!

Tom Barton, artist extraordinaire, helps us answer questions you never knew you had, like who would win in a fight, Olaf or Trundle? And can Olaf take down a giant jungle monster? What about Seahunter Aatrox? And because we don't want to tease out all the dimension-hopping action, we're releasing the entire season in one Ragnarok-sized blast![1]

Series 1
Series 2


  • This skin theme is heavily connected to the lore faction of Bilgewater and as such all of its skins were directly inspired by the factions culture.
    • The skin them was also initially released in conjunction with the released of the Burning Tides story event, hence the similar names.
  • The Olaf vs. Everything comic is made as officially endorced Riot community project, however characters and events made specifically in it (or taken from outside themes) were introduced with some creative liberty and as such are subject to future changes.
    • Despite having their canon visual appearances, GnarSquare Gnar, OlafSquare Olaf, TrundleSquare Trundle, and IllaoiSquare Illaoi of these worlds are considered as alternate universe characters.[2]


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Butcher's Bridge - Complete Soundtrack

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