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Ezreal 116
"D'you have any silver krakens on you? Ah, no reason. *quietly* I love them."
Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal

Burning Tides was a story related event being used to introduce Bilgewater lore into the new canon.

Canonical skins
  • Gangplank CaptainCircle Captain Gangplank
    Gangplank was a legendary murderer and cutthroat, prior to having his ship blown up while he was still on it. The silhouette of his famed captain's jacket is still burned into the memory of more than one unlucky sailor... with many convinced the man is somehow still alive.
  • Graves CutthroatCircle Cutthroat Graves
    Do you want to do extreme damage to someone (or something) in a loud, noticeable fashion? Look no further than Graves and his slippery pal Tobias, two men who will blow up anything (must be destructible) or anyone (must be destructible) for the right price (no ghouls please). Inquire within!
  • Twisted Fate CutpurseCircle Cutpurse Twisted Fate
    Looking to hire some muscle for an above-the-board, highly legitimate business venture? Look no further than Twisted Fate and his furry companion Graves, two men who will do anything (and we mean anything) to anybody (and we mean anybody) for the right price (any price). Inquire within!
  • Miss Fortune CaptainFortuneCircle Captain Fortune
    In another life, Sarah Fortune would have been a respected ship captain, supported by the love of her mother and the admiration of her city. But the things Bilgewater takes, you can't always get back, and that particular dream died a long time ago.
Alternate Universe skins
  • Aatrox SeaHunterCircle Sea Hunter Aatrox
    Bilgewater is home to many bounty hunters, but those looking to track a target through hundreds of miles of open ocean go to the hulking creature known as Aatrox. Cool, professional, and capable of rapidly regenerating from near-fatal wounds, with Aatrox you'll always know your bounty is in good hands.
  • Garen RogueAdmiralCircle Rogue Admiral Garen
    A faded bounty poster from the Demacian naval authorities notes that Admiral Garen is a deadly adversary, and should be engaged with caution, lest he cut off your head and send it back to the capital. Each year, the Demacian naval authorities receive a disconcerting number of human heads.
  • Malphite IronsideCircle Ironside Malphite
    There are two kinds of mercenaries in the game today: the first being your rank-and-file sellsword, barely worth the stink of grog on his breath. The second is a nigh-indestructible golem, twenty feet tall, and made from the hull of a legendary gunship. Choose wisely.
  • Quinn CorsairCircle Corsair Quinn
    For enterprising pirate crews, Quinn is a highly sought after lookout, though she comes at a high price for someone typically hidden away in the crow's nest. Then again, how many other hired hands can take out half a boarding party before they make it off their ship?
  • Tristana BuccaneerCircle Buccaneer Tristana
    Gunners ahoy! Tristana leaps onto the high seas, sailing for new adventures beyond the Bandle borders. The hat's borrowed (stolen) from a pirate she blasted, and the eyepatch is purely for show. But her take-no-prisoner attitude and trusty cannon gun have sunk more ships than most captains in Bilgewater.


Burning Tides

For more details, see Burning Tides / The Reckoning
Gangplank The Burning Tides 03

Burning Ship, Burning Tides.

"This is just the beginning.

I want everyone loyal to him brought to answer.
I want the heads of his lieutenants mounted on my wall.
Burn everything that bears his mark.
And I want his corpse."

Miss Fortune OriginalSquare Miss Fortune[1]

For many of those fleeing justice, debt, or persecution, Bilgewater is a city of new beginnings. But for some, the past is something you can never escape. Twisted Fate OriginalSquare Tobias Twisted Fate, hired by an Miss Fortune OriginalSquare unknown benefactor was tasked to steal and return a Crimson-Coil dagger from one of Captain Gangplank's warehouses located in Rat Town's Slaughter Docks. Easily avoiding the detection of the Jagged Hooks gang, Twisted Fate managed to infiltrate the warehouse, only to be confronted by his old partner, Graves OriginalSquare Malcolm Graves.

Flamed with rage of his partners betrayal, Graves started shooting at at Tobias in an effort to settle the score with him. With Gangplank's warehouse burning and with the pirate captain's thugs swarming, the resolution of Graves' and Twisted Fate's long-simmering feud threatens to engulf the entire city in flames. Informed by the destruction of his warehouse, Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank set off the catch both of the perpetrators of this act.

Both Graves and Twisted Fate tried to flee from the wrath of the Pirate King but with no success. Gangplank tortured them until he tried to publicly execute them in front of the whole city for their misbehavior. Hearing the news of this event, Miss Fortune OriginalSquare Sarah Fortune plans set in motion and would confront Gangplank for the deaths of her parents. Graves managing to hide one of Twisted Fate's card, snatched during their previous fight around the city, from the pirate thugs, both he and TF managed to fight there way trough hoards of enemies before they escaped, but not until they set Gangplank's ship in flames.

Gangplank The Burning Tides 02

Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank surviving the destruction of his ship.

While Twisted Fate and Graves have escaped, in the aftermath of the destruction of the Dead Pool, Gangplank's spoils-filled warehouses have been plundered, and those who followed the dread pirate have forfeited their allegiance. Bilgewater devours itself as the streets ring with the shrieks of the desperate and the dying. A war started by the spread of three words: Gangplank is dead. Miss Fortune takes the opportunity to purge the city of anyone that was loyal to the dreaded pirate.

Despite receiving horrific injuries in the explosion, Gangplank survived. Having lost everything from the attack, Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank sought out the help from Illaoi. By passing Illaoi's test, he was deemed worthy in the eyes of her God. Sporting a multitude of fresh scars, and with a newly crafted metal arm to replace his amputated limb, he is now determined to rebuild his strength, reclaim what he sees as rightfully his, and ruthlessly punish all those who turned against him.

Olaf vs Everything

Series 1
Series 2

ARAM-ARAMA: The Roadtrip


  • This skin theme is heavily connected to the lore faction of Bilgewater and as such all of its skins were directly inspired by the factions culture.
    • The skin them was also initially released in conjunction with the released of the Burning Tides story event, hence the similar names.
  • The Olaf vs. Everything comic is made as officially endorced Riot community project, however characters and events made specifically in it (or taken from outside themes) were introduced with some creative liberty and as such are subject to future changes.
    • Despite having their canon visual appearances, Gnar OriginalSquare Gnar, Olaf OriginalSquare Olaf, Trundle OriginalSquare Trundle, and Illaoi OriginalSquare Illaoi of these worlds are considered as alternate universe characters.[2]
  • Tristana BuccaneerCircle Buccaneer Tristana represents how she would look like if she stayed in Bilgewater Crest icon Bilgewater.


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Butcher's Bridge - Complete Soundtrack

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