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Bel'zhun is a coastal city and outpost in northern Shurima (or Shuriman Noxus), known for its thriving black markets and signature mwatis wool.


Bel'zhun map.jpg Bel'zhun map 01.jpg

This northern city is currently controlled by Noxus, but has a large rebel insurgency against Noxus. Known as the Suns of Bel'Zhun, the group frequently trades weapons with Clan Medarda of Piltover.

Related Champions

  • Taliyah Taliyah landed ashore of Bel'zhun during her return trip to Shurima.


A Mwatis


Mwatis are goatlike creatures with large plated casques on their heads. Mwati wool and plate are prised for felting and insulation.



Name Title Description
Dorrik Steward.jpg Dorrik Steward A Noxian Steward currently occupying Bel'zhun. Has frequent issues with the "Suns of Bel'Zhun" rebels.
Ima'Sai Hazir Former ruler of Bel'zhun before Noxus annexed the city.
Valif Hagyos Former ruler of Bel'zhun before Noxus annexed the city.


  • Travel from Piltover to Bel'zhun takes around 5 days by trade ship.



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