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Keyword Summon Summoned

    VO Battlesmith summon 01
    "The finest Demacian steel."
    VO Battlesmith summon 02
    "Sturdy blades, custom made."
    VO Battlesmith summon 03
    "If I didn't forge it, you won't want it."
    VO Battlesmith summon 04
    "It's dangerous out there, take this."

Attack Declared

    VO Battlesmith attack declare 01
    "I've got just the thing for you!"
    VO Battlesmith attack declare 02
    "I don't make 'em for the shelf."
    VO Battlesmith attack declare 03
    "One way to test 'em out!"

Block Declared

    VO Battlesmith block declare 01
    "Hands are for forgin' not fightin'."
    VO Battlesmith block declare 02
    "I'm a smith not a soldier."

Keyword Death Death

    VO Battlesmith death 01
    Battlesmith grunts.
    VO Battlesmith death 02
    "Beaten down..."


  • On Open Beta, this became one of the first cards to have its rarity changed. The other is Silverwing Vanguard.
  • When summoning Battlesmith, the quote: "It's dangerous out there, take this." is a reference to The Legend of Zelda.

Change Log

Open Beta Patch
  • Rarity changed to Rare rarity Rare from Common rarity Common.
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