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Battle Queens is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in a world where champions reign as queens and participate in the Coronation that determines the fate of their Queendom.


Once fractured by endless warfare, the collective Queendoms of Elysia have realized the true nature of their world: that the magic holding their fantastical plane together is maintained only through conflict. They have thus allied through the unifying conflict of the Grand Coronation, though some alliances are beginning to show cracks…
Battle Queens
  • Battle Queen Diana Battle Queen Diana
    Exiled for heresy, Diana has assented to return to her queendom to save her people—nothing else. She intends to use the Coronation to prove her worth and force Eos' elders to admit the truth of her beliefs: that the Crest answers to the will of the nation, not its leaders.
    • Prestige Battle Queen Diana Prestige Battle Queen Diana
      After revealing the truth at her nomination ceremony, Diana will let nothing stand in her way. Clad in new armor as steely as her resolve, Diana intends to subdue the Tournament's monsters—and the power-hungry religious order that has stifled Eosia.
  • Battle Queen Janna Battle Queen Janna
    Hailing from Aurai, floating high above the Tournament, Queen Janna quite literally looks down on the whole affair. But without a champion in the Coronation, the magic that brings long-life to Aurai's reclusive population will fail, and so Janna descends for yet another showcase exhibition of her power. Anything to protect her people.
  • Battle Queen Katarina Battle Queen Katarina
    Katarina won the Schemean crest with a ruthless performance in her queendom's battle pits. For Schema to break free of its humble alliances and become the region's rightful leader, it will take a similarly commanding performance in the Coronation—and Katarina has never been more prepared to cement her fearsome status as the rightful queen of queens.
  • Battle Queen Qiyana Battle Queen Qiyana
    Qiyana is the youngest in a line of sisters who have been Queens of Ixtal for most of the recent Coronations. She's been waiting impatiently for her chance at the Crest and the title. Now that she has it, she intends to use the power she gains in the tournament to remake Ixtal in her vision.
  • Battle Queen Rell Battle Queen Rell
    A young woman from the magic-starved Queendom of Calamity, volunteered for the coronation by a shadowy cabal of aristocrats after a series of magical experiments. Having now won the crown and the power of her crest, Rell has discovered her powers were stolen from the people of her country, and she has vowed revenge on her puppeteers.


Battle Queen Crests.jpg

Runeterra Crest icon.png

Short Story

Battle Queen Crests

By Cat Manning, Jared Rosen

To be a Battle Queen is to see with open eyes. As you complete Keystone Crest Missions, you’ll be rewarded with a story of nobility.


  • Leona Leona is the former Queen of Eos and gave Diana Diana her ceremonial armor ceremonial armor for the Coronation.
    • It's suggested that the two may be lovers in this universe.
  • Qiyana's Qiyana's nation Ixtal is based on the same one in linkRuneterra Prime (Universe) Runeterra Prime, where Original Qiyana Original Qiyana is from. Inessa and Mara (her sisters) both exist in this universe as well.
  • Katarina's Katarina's blade collection is implied to be from people she has killed.
  • Based on the skins theme video, there was a Battle Queen skin considered for Miss Fortune Miss Fortune.


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