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Astro TFT icon Astro
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Mystic TFT icon Mystic
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  • Meeps on the bench will appear as an actual unit with comestic stats: 10 health, 100/100 mana, 10 AD, 100% spell power, 10 armor and magic resistance, 1.00 attack speed, 100 range, 100% crit chance and damage.
    • Meeps also have a cosmestic ability: Caretaker's Shrine Sell For Experience: Meeps can be sold in the shop for experience points. 1 meep = 1 XP. [Cosmic Journey Experience = 100%]


Patch History

  • Ability cast time significantly reduced.
V10.12 - Added
  • Bard AstronautCircle Astronaut Bard
    • Tier 3 Astro TFT icon Astro Mystic TFT icon Mystic.
    • Traveler's Call 2 Traveler's Call:
      • Passive: Basic attacks against champions generate an additional 8 / 20 / 90 mana. Cannot gain mana in rounds with no enemy champions.
      • Active: Spawns a meep on his owner's bench which can be sold for 1 XP. Meeps can stack on the same place.

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