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Bard (Universe)Bard (Universe)
Bard (League of Legends)Bard (League of Legends)
Bard (Esports)Bard (Esports)
Bard (Teamfight Tactics)Bard (Teamfight Tactics)
Bard (Development)Bard (Development)


Astro Astro
Bard AstronautSquare.png
Gnar AstronautSquare.png
Nautilus AstroNautilusSquare.png
Teemo AstronautSquare.png
Mystic Mystic
Bard AstronautSquare.png
Cassiopeia EternumSquare.png
Karma DarkStarSquare.png
Lulu CosmicEnchantressSquare.png
Soraka StarGuardianSquare.png


  • Meeps on the bench will appear as an actual unit with comestic stats: 10 health, 100/100 mana, 10 AD, 100% spell power, 10 armor and magic resistance, 1.00 attack speed, 100 range, 100% crit chance and damage.
    • Meeps also have a cosmestic ability: Bard Caretaker's Shrine.png Sell For Experience: Meeps can be sold in the shop for experience points. 1 meep = 1 XP. [Cosmic Journey Experience = 100%]


Patch History

V10.19 - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 4.
  • Ability mana gain reduced to 5 / 20 / 90 from 8 / 20 / 90.
  • Ability cast time significantly reduced.
V10.12 - Added
  • Astronaut Bard Astronaut Bard
    • Tier 3 Astro Astro Mystic Mystic.
    • Bard Traveler's Call 2.png Traveler's Call:
      • Passive: Basic attacks against champions generate an additional 8 / 20 / 90 mana. Cannot gain mana in rounds with no enemy champions.
      • Active: Spawns a meep on his owner's bench which can be sold for 1 XP. Meeps can stack on the same place.