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Balestriders, They Who Endure.

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"The ancient ones walk these lands once more."
Anivia OriginalSquare Anivia

Balestriders, also known as the Wanderers, are a Freljordian legend. A dark omen, these giant beasts are said to roam the Arctic areas around the north of the Freljord.


Having body shapes similar to giraffes, their striking features are their giant True Ice like horns, their cycloptic blue glowing eyes, and humanoid arm like protrusions scattered across their bodies like fur. Depictions of these creatures can be seen on the numerous bridges of the Howling Abyss. They were once magnificent and terrible beings before being twisted far beyond their original form and moved at the command of the Three Sisters thanks to the bargain with the Watchers. 01FR007-full Bjerg the Wanderer was the only traveler that believes he has sighted these creatures in recent memory, though his experience has left him babbling and insane. According to Anivia OriginalSquare Anivia, they are her "strange enemies" who have dark, corrupting magic from the past. Legends say she sacrificed herself against a march of towering Balestriders. Anvia knew she could not slay these colossal creatures, and so she plunged into the ice beneath their feet, shattering her own body in order to entomb them.


  • Balestrider designs were originally concepted to be used for the Watchers. This concept was later altered and used for this new race and introduced in the Legends of Runeterra icon Legends of Runeterra card game.


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