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The Baccai are twisted failed ascended God-Warriors of Shurima.


Baccai Champions

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The Spurned

While the secrets of the Sun Disc were fiercely guarded by the Ascended Host, it was not an exact science. Those mortals who underwent an Ascension ritual but emerged flawed or incomplete were known as Baccai, and it was considered a kindness to end their inhuman suffering as quickly as possible.

Some baccai fled or were spared following their failed Ascension, and none have seen them since. Knowing they are twisted, warped versions of what they might have been - part of the Ascended - a lot of them feel rage and resentment at their failure that only grow with time.

Darkin War

The Shurima Ascended fallen into madness after their war with the Void. They soon transformed into Darkin, causing the later great Darkin War. It is unknown if any Baccai has interacted with the Void, turned into Darkin, or have any involvement with the Darkin War.

Present Days

Baccais are still hiding from the rest of Shurima. Most known Baccais are now guarding the many burried tombs, and the great library of Nasus Nasus.


The Spurned

The Baccai share some physical elements with the god-warriors. Their lifespan is dramatically increased. However they are not immortal and can bleed, be crippled, or even killed unlike other ascended. Unlike their god-warrior and darkin counterparts, the Baccai forms are malformed and flawed so they do not have the same incredible strength, speed, nor strong affinity with different forms of magic.

Like the god-warriors, most resemble anthropomorphic versions of animals and even gain the unique attributes of such creatures. Because the nature of their flawed ascensions their forms are an incomplete as their bodies still retain humanoid features and flaws.


  • Xerath Xerath is a Baccai, just a unique aberration[1] as he did not take the traditional anthropomorphic form like other Shuriman Ascended.
  • It is possible that the creature with a withered arm and birdlike features that Varus Varus encountered during his travels back to Shurima was a baccai, as it shared physical features of the flawed ascended.


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