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Azurite Eagles are an avian predatory species that live in the northern parts of Demacia.


Related Characters

  • Quinn Quinn has an Azurite Eagle named Valor Valor as her companion.


Their name comes from their blue to almost azure like feathers. Very rarely seen, these birds hunt small animals, but are also able to attack larger ones such as horses and tuskvores, even sometimes unexpecting attacking humans. They are some examples of domesticated azurite eagles, such as Valor Valor of Quinn Quinn. An adult azurite eagle is able to hold an adult human female in his talons during short periods of flight.

They are also fairly intelligent creatures able to win against a Human in a game of Tellstones. This means that an Azurite Eagle is able to think about relatively complex concepts, making it Sapient.



Quinn, Demacia's Wings - Login Screen

Quinn and Valor's Theme
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