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From the moment she was born, Aurora navigated life with a unique ability to move between the spirit and material realms. Determined to learn more about the spirit realm's inhabitants, she left her home to further her research and happened upon a wayward demigod who’d become twisted and lost to time. Witnessing his desperation, Aurora resolved to find a way to help her feral friend regain his forgotten identity—a journey that would take her to the farthest reaches of the Freljord.

AuroraSquare"I see the spirit realm and material realm simultaneously. This blended world is my own, and it's beautiful."  Aurora
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Aurora was born in the Freljord into the Vastaya tribe known as Bryni, unlike the rest of her tribe members, Aurora was born with a unique power being able to see the spiritual world along with the material. Due to her strange power, several members of her tribe, including her parents, considered her crazy, which caused Aurora to feel isolated and alone with the spirits she could see as her only company.

However, her great-aunt Havu knew how special her great-niece was and supported her in everything to explore and study about her power, something that Aurora greatly treasured and dedicated herself to studying the Spiritual Realm.

Befriending Ornn[]

Sometime between the Founding of the Freljord and the present, Aurora ventured into Hearth-Home seeking a way to help her new-found Spirit friend. When she approached Ornn Ornn, the Spirit of Hearth-Home, he dismissed her, claiming he was too busy to help. Undeterred, Aurora busied herself by tidying and reorganizing Hearth-Home, which greatly pleased Ornn.

Impressed by her efforts, Ornn apologized for his earlier brusqueness and revealed the location where Aurora could find information about her spirit friend, whose name was revealed to be Haestryr Haestryr. As a gesture of their new-found friendship, Ornn forged a wand for Aurora, granting her the ability to create portals at will.

Aurora eventually left Hearth-Home to seek answers about Haestryr, but she often returns to visit her grumpy friend Ornn and reminisce about the past.


Aurora is a slender, pale woman with a freckled face, blue eyes, and orange hair. As a Vastaya, she possesses a mostly human appearance, apart from long, rabbit-like ears, legs, and tail, all adorned with her signature orange hair. Her freckles coalesce into orange splotches on some areas of her skin, including her shoulders and outer thighs.

She wears a pair of large, circular glasses and has a brass-colored piercing near the bottom of her right ear. Her usual outfit consists of a teal wide-brimmed witch hat, a white fur-lined coat over a teal and white sleeveless tunic, teal shorts, and brown thigh-high open-toed leather boots. She has also been seen draped in a large, dark teal, hooded winter cloak lined with beige fur. She carries a dark brown wooden wand with a brass-colored metal handle.


Aurora is a quiet young woman with a strong appetite for knowledge, though not to the point of obsession. She has a caring nature, evident by her actions, such as tidying up Hearth-Home despite Ornn's initial rejection. She is also determined to help Haestryr, even though they have only recently met.


  • Vastayan Physiology: Aurora is a vastaya, a race of demihumans transformed by the magic of the Spirit Realm. This connection to the Spirit Realm has increased their longevity and granted them powerful magics, allowing them to live for centuries. Aurora is a member of the Bryni, a leporine tribe of vastaya that resemble rabbits and are notably more isolated.
    • Spiritual Magic Spiritual Magic: Unlike the other Bryni, Aurora has a deep and strong connection with the Spirit Realm, being able to communicate with Spirits and clearly view the Spirit Realm from a young age. Overtime, Aurora has refined her magical skills, allowing her to manipulate spiritual energy in a variety of ways such as placing hexes on enemies to rip out a piece of their souls, blasting waves of energy blasting waves of energy, exorcising Spirits exorcising Spirits and even fully fusing both the Spirit and Material Realm to create a rift. rift.
  • Masterwork Wand: Masterwork Wand: Aurora was gifted a powerful wand by the Freljord Crest icon Freljordian Demi-God Ornn Ornn, famous for crafting legendary items and weapons. This wand enhances Aurora's spiritual magic, allowing her to even open portals into and across the Spirit Realm at will.
  • Spiritual Knowledge: Thanks to her innate talents to see into the Spirit Realm, Aurora has become incredibly intelligent in the topic of everything related to the Spirit Realm and all spiritual creatures that inhabit it. She is diligent with her studies, having not only an immense knowledge on the subject but also a boundless curiosity to further her studies.


Ornn Ornn[]

Aurora and Ornn are friends. They first met when Aurora entered Ornn's home in search of help for the spirit Haestryr. In order to assist her, Ornn forged Aurora's wand.

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Aurora OriginalCentered

Runeterra Crest icon


The Witch Between Worlds

By Elyse Lemoine

Starring Champion

The Spirit of Hearth-Home Main Menu

Freljord Crest icon


The Spirit of Hearth-Home

By Elyse Lemoine, Ty Sheedlo

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  • Aurora is on the autism spectrum, although this concept is not acknowledged in the world of Runeterra. [1]
  • Aurora and Lissandra are the only two champions who have the title "Witch" in their respective aliases.
  • Aurora is the second champion released to wear glasses. The first being Vayne Vayne, who wears shades.
    • It is not known how she wears glasses without Human ears.
  • Aurora likes to crochet.[2]
  • The orange splotches on Aurora's skin follow a Turing pattern, similar to a leopard's spots.[1]
  • Aurora's sub-race, Bryni, has a lot of similarity with the Viera from the Final Fantasy saga, as does the custom of their solitary society (only coming together out of necessity) and the etymology of the Slovak word "faith" which matches the Vastaya's custom of seeing spirit on the earthly plane.

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