Aurma map

Aurma Map

Aurma is an island nation north off the coast of the Shuriman Continent, and the edge of the Conqueror's Sea.


Aurma Fish

Aurma Fish

Aurma Fish

Aurma Fish Aurma Fish are a species of fish native to the island nation of Aurma. A unique characteristic of this species of fish are their sharp teeth that protrude from their mouth. Roe and leather from these fish are heavily sought after by Piltover traders.



Leaders Description
Aurma map 01 Mistress Arathmae One of the leaders of Aurma; Clan Medarda formed a trade deal with her.
Qaalinn One of the leaders of Aurma



Piltover trading families have close trading ties with the city-state nation of Aurma, such as Clan Medarda with Mistress Arathmae. One of the nations more well known exports to Piltover are Roes and leathers.


  • A travel from Piltover to Aurma takes around 12 days by trade ship.


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