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Attack effects are effects that trigger on a champion's basic attacks.

This article should only list effects that are applicable to multiple champions.

Gold Value

  • On-hit damage has a gold value of Gold 25 per point.

Outgoing Effects

On Attacking

The following effects occur when you declare an attack:


On Hitting

See also: On-hit abilities.

The following effects trigger when you hit a basic attack. Hits do not occur if the target dodges, Spirit's Refuge blocks or you are Blind icon blinded.

Items - Passive Effects
Items - Triggered Effects

On Disabling

The following effects trigger whenever you apply a Stun icon crowd control effect:


Recipient Effects

The following effects are triggered upon being hit by an attack:


Champion abilities


The following effects cause an attacking champion to miss their attacks, preventing them from hitting:




The following effects allow a champion to proc on-hit effects multiple times (or on multiple targets) at once:

Abilities that trigger Attack Effects

As of V7.22, the following abilities now apply both attack effects and spell effects (prior to this the effects were mutually exclusive).

Note that, however, the damage dealt by these abilities is not classified as ability damage, except in the case of Whiplash Whiplash and the magic damage portion of Urchin Strike Urchin Strike. Except in those cases, the damage dealt by these abilities will not benefit from Spell vamp icon Spell Vamp. It is possible—as with Non-Damaging Abilities (above)—the implementation of this change could have been to have these abilities deal 1 ability damage.

Probable Bug: Steel Tempest Steel Tempest is only triggering ability effects on the second and third cast in Steel Tempest's chain, and they are only applied to the first target hit.


Gameplay Elements
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