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Yuumi Yuumi is attached attached to Ezreal Ezreal, following all of his movements.

Attached refers to the state of a unit whose movement is bound entirely to another object, such as a unit or missile. They will be at their 'Anchor' object's current location at all times while attached, or at a specific offset to that location.

The offset can have a variable distance, but has a fixed direction based on the Anchor's facing.

Attached often comes with Untargetable icon.png untargetability and disables basic attacking, but does not necessarily have to include those elements. Similarly, the Death.png death of the 'Anchor' or attached unit does not always free the other from the bond.


  • Akshan's Akshan's Heroic Swing Heroic Swing
    • Akshan "rides" a missile that orbits around the hook location on the wall, travelling at a fixed speed. The missile has no visuals and cannot be destroyed by Projectile.png missile-blocking effects.
  • Kayn's Kayn's Umbral Trespass Umbral Trespass
    • Does not apply effects if Kayn leaves attached or his target dies.
  • Sett's Sett's The Show Stopper The Show Stopper
    • Remove Scurvy.png Cleansing effects that remove the suppression will also disable the attach, but the ability will continue performing.
  • Yuumi's Yuumi's You and Me! You and Me!
    • Yuumi's animation makes it seem like she is attached at an offset, but she is always at the center of her 'Anchor' .
  • Battle Sled
    • A driveable vehicle. The first person that clicks on the Sled is enacted as the driver and their allies can join as travelers. Champion icon.png Champions who are in the Sled are Untargetable icon.png untargetable and attached to it until impact or they manually exit. This feature is unique to the occasionally available game mode Nexus Blitz icon.png Nexus Blitz.

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Similar Spells

The following champion abilities do not influence the use of attachment but behave quite alike:

  • Urgot's Urgot's Fear Beyond Death Fear Beyond Death uses a chain of Airborne icon.png pulls (knockbacks), which, during the reel-in phase, continuously makes the victim move towards Urgot's meat grinder while they remain Suppression icon.png suppressed. Remove Scurvy.png Cleansing the suppression during the reel-in will prevent the pull from being renewed, but will still have the most recent one present and move the victim to Urgot's previous location.
  • Skarner's Skarner's Impale Impale is a bunch of forced movements under Suppression icon.png suppression. If Skarner moves very quickly this becomes very noticeable as the offset is not always the same (neither direction nor distance). The target always 'dashes' across the map to Skarner's previous location.
  • Nunu's Nunu's Biggest Snowball Ever! Biggest Snowball Ever! creates and affixes a Big Snowball Big Snowball to Nunu & Willump at an offset in front of them. The snowball is a unit but cannot be interacted with, apart from it colliding with terrain, in which case the channel is interrupted.
  • Quinn's Quinn's Behind Enemy Lines Behind Enemy Lines creates and links Valor Valor to herself. Valor is a unit but cannot be interacted with.
  • Warwick's Warwick's Jaws of the Beast Jaws of the Beast, when held, Dash.png dashes by following the current position of his target every tick with an offset.
  • Tahm Kench's Tahm Kench's Devour Devour uses a chain of Forced Movements.
  • Kalista's Kalista's Fate's Call Fate's Call uses a chain of Forced Movements.
  • Orianna's Orianna's Ball Ball exists soley as part of her champion model when it is 'on her'.
  • Poppy's Poppy's Heroic Charge Heroic Charge Airborne icon.png pulls the target to Poppy's destination.
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Interacting with Attach

  • Realm of Death Realm of Death, upon activation, checks for, then removes all Champion icon.png champions currently attached to the caster and/or his target.
    • If Pix Pix is on either of the two, he will not detach nor will he enter the dimension, but he will still follow whoever he's assigned to and attack whenever they do despite them being in another realm.


  • Non-champion units occasionally do not get destroyed at the end of their lifespan, path-finding their way to a random waypoint on the map and remaining there for the rest of the game.
  • When an attached status is not properly removed, a unit can stay attached to their 'Anchor' indefinitely. When the other effects run out, a player attached to someone else can cast abilities and use basic attacks within their own range, but is unable to move or be moved. They will always and immediately return to their 'Anchor' when Flash.png blinking away any distance.
  • By default (when no other animation is called/applicable), attached units will use their 'idle' animation, even while being moved around by their 'Anchor'.
    • For comparison, a unit that is being knocked back will use their standard 'run' animation by default.
  • Unlike Dash.png dashing or being Airborne icon.png knocked across the map, being attached does not show your current movement on the mini map.
  • During the development of Akali's Akali's VGU, allowing her to attach to any missile was tested, but ultimately scrapped in favor of her current, more standard mobility tools.
    • With the release of Akshan Akshan, he became the first champion to attach to a missile as a technical means to implement movement in a circle nicely.