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For the its predecessor, see Atma's Impaler item Atma's Impaler.
Atma's Reckoning was a finished item in League of Legends. It was exclusive to Nexus Blitz.


Atma's Reckoning item
Atma's Reckoning
Gold 2900 (Gold 925)

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Atma's Reckoning item Atma's Reckoning is 69.48% gold efficient without its passive.

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  • Atma's Reckoning was first introduced on the PBE for the patch V8.12, but was delayed multiple times, until it was release with Nexus Blitz.

Patch History

V9.1 - January 21, 2019
  • Removed from the game since Nexus Blitz is no longer available for play-testing.
V8.16 - Added
  • Availability: Nexus Blitz.
  • Recipe: Aegis of the Legion item Aegis of the Legion + Pickaxe item Pickaxe + Gold 925 = Gold 2900.
  • Stats: 25 attack damage, 30 armor, 30 magic resistance.
  • Unique Passive: While in combat with enemy champions, turrets, or epic monsters, gains (0.5% − 2.5% (based on seconds in-combat) of maximum health) bonus attack damage.


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