Argent Mountains map

Argent Mountains Map

The Argent Mountains is a vast mountain range located in the southwestern part of Valoran and in southern Noxus.


Noxus controls a small portion of the mountain range on its south-eastern and south-western parts. Its coastline has Noxian conquered settlements of Glorft, Kilgrove, Trevale. The mountain range borders close to the Varju Mountains on the east and the Gates of Mourning on the west.

Champions of the Argent Mountains

Related Champions

  • KledSquare Kled was present during the Assault on Glorft and Sacking of Trevale.
  • SionSquare Sion died first time outside of Hvardis; Leveled the city.
  • SwainSquare Swain ordered the city to be leveled to the ground.


Sion OriginalSkin

Ressurected SionSquare Sion during the Siege of Hvardis

  • Gates of Mourning: are located in the southwestern tip Noxus and central Valoran. They were used to guard the neighboring lands from Noxian invasion before their recent fall. They are also located just west of Hvardis. The Gates are the location of the first battles between Demacia and Noxus, which ended with the death of Jarvan I and SionSquare Sion.
  • Glorft: Located south of the Argent Mountains on the coast. It is unknown if this city is under control of Noxus but it was the location for the Assault on Glorft, led by KledSquare Kled
  • Hvardis: A city that was located at the edge of the Argent Mountains near the Gates of Mourning. It has since been decimated by SionSquare Sion as ordered by SwainSquare Swain to discourage and further rebellion from conquered settlements.
  • Kilgrove: Located south of the Argent Mountains on the coast, Kilgrove is currently led by Steward Dauvin, who seems to have replaced his predecessor Thomark quite recently. Its primary export is Kilgrovian cloudcedar.
  • Trevale: a farming village on the western edge of Noxian territory. KledSquare Kled was part of the initial Noxian party that sacked the village. RivenSquare Riven was born and raised here.


Hecarim, the Shadow of War - Login Screen

Hecarim, the Shadow of War - Login Screen

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