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Teamfight Tactics Arena

The Arena is the island that encompasses the battlefield of Teamfight Tactics icon Teamfight Tactics, which includes the battlefield for champions to fight, the champion bench, and the Gold Generators.



  • This is where the fight happen. The battlefield is a rectangular board filled with 8 x 7 hexagons.
  • When the round has not yet started, players can place and rearrange their champions on their half side (4 x 7) of the battlefield.
Placing Unit in TFT
  • There is a limit number of champions a player can play. This number increases as the game process, based on your Little Legend level.
    • The number of champions appear on the battlefield and the maximum number of champions appear in the enemy area during preparing state.
    • If your unit cap is not reached, the leftmost champion(s) on Bench is automatically placed near the center of the Battlefield.
    • Players can increase the number of champions at the beginning on the battlefield by acquiring the item Force of Nature item Force of Nature.
    • When a round started, new units, and even new champions, may appear on the battlefield. This can come from abilities of champions or from their synergies.

Elemental Hex

Maokai on Mountain Hex

Each game of TFT in Set 2 will have an element assigned, spawing elemental hexes of that element during the planning phase. The hexes will spawn in the same places for all players on every round; the first appears at Stage 1-1, and the second one appears at Stage 3-1.

A Champion that occupies the hex when the round starts may gain an elemental buff in the form of an item, provided that their inventory is not full. This buff is retained through the combat phase.


  • The area to stores champions player have bought but are not in the battlefield. Player have 9 slots in the bench.
  • If a player enters the carousel with both of their battlefield and bench full, the new picked champion will appear in an available space in the bottom row.
    • While this is happening, players cannot reposition or swap them from champions in the bench.
    • The number of champions on your side exceeds the limit.
    • If the number of benched champions is decreased, the number of champions needed reduce the units on the board to your level will be returned to the Bench randomly and automatically if possible, if not, only the amount equal to the amount of freed space will be transferred.


With the Battle Pass, players can earn skins.



Teamfight Tactics Soundtrack

Teamfight Tactics Soundtrack

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Teamfight Tactics Music - Behind the Scenes - Orchestra Recording Session

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Patch History

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where you could get double the health bonus from Earth Hexes.
  • Two Arena skins Cloud and Ocean is now available.
  • Board size increased to 4 rows of 7 hexes per player from 3 rows of 7 hexes per player.
  • Five new Arena Skins: Avarosa, Frostguard, Winter's Claw, Infernal, Moutain.
  • Arena skins are now available in Riot Store.
    • Rift, Basic Draconic, Basic Summoner's and Storm Rift skins are not available.
  • Elemental Hexes:
    • First Hex at Stage 1-1, Second Hex at Stage 3-1.
    • Cloud Hex Cloud Hex: This unit gains an additional 20% chance to Dodge icon dodge enemy basic attacks.
    • Ocean Hex Ocean Hex: This unit starts combat with an additional 30 starting mana.
    • Inferno Hex Inferno Hex: This unit starts combat with an additional 30% attack speed.
    • Mountain Hex Mountain Hex: At the end of the planning phase, this unit permanently gains 30 maximum health for the rest of the game.
  • One new Arena Skin: Storm Rift
  • Three new Arena Skins: Basic Verdant, Basic Draconic, Basic Summoner's
  • Four new Arena Skins: Default, Runic, Arrowhead, Rift


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