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Area of effect (or AoE) is a term used to refer to an effect that takes place in an area in whichever shape or form. Area of effects often affect multiple units, but may also be designated for a single unit.

Types of AoE


Jhin's Jhin's Dancing Grenade Dancing Grenade bouncing to each target within the area, creating a chain.

Chain area of effect abilities start their effect with a single target, but, if there is another valid target within range, the effect will switch or extend to that target. They are unable to switch to the same target again, unless otherwise stated.



Kassadin's Kassadin's Force Pulse Force Pulse affecting targets within the area through a cone.

Conic area of effect abilities originate from the front of the caster and in a cone in the area.



Nasus' Nasus' Spirit Fire Spirit Fire affecting targets within the area on the ground.

Ground area of effect abilities are an area selected by the caster at any location within range. These areas may remain for a period of time to apply their effects to units within their radius, or quickly do so after a delay.



Vel'Koz's Vel'Koz's Life Form Disintegration Ray Life Form Disintegration Ray affecting targets within the area through a line in a direction.

Linear area of effect abilities (commonly referred to as "skillshots") are an area selected by the caster in any direction. They usually fire a missile which applies its effects to units hit within or at the end its path, or upon hitting a unit. They may also create an area along their path for a period of time or apply their effects within the target direction instantaneously after a delay.


Point blank

Blitzcrank's Blitzcrank's Static Field Static Field affecting targets in the area around him on the spot.

Point blank area of effect abilities are an area around the caster. They may apply their effects originating from the source radiating outward to units upon contact or automatically at nearby targets. Note that the area around the source is usually anchored around them, and will follow their movement.



An area is indicated around the primary target.

Fizz's Fizz's Chum the Waters Chum the Waters affecting the primary target as well as secondary targets near them.

Splash area of effect abilities are an area around a unit, applying their effects to them and units near them. The primary unit is however not always affected.



Hybrid classification of area of effect abilities consist of one or more types of AoE.