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Arctic Ops

By Jared Rosen

Arctic Ops is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in an Arctic-like setting, all of the champions are specialized warriors trained to battle in the snow.


Ezreal 285
"Did High Command ever get my apology letter? Tell them it's from... Time Guy."
Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal
Arctic Operatives
  • Caitlyn ArcticWarfareCircle Arctic Warfare Caitlyn
    Very few snipers can cut it on the Arctic front. The snow is too cold, the winds are too hard... and of course, Caitlyn usually kills all hostile snipers before they can fire a single shot.
  • Gragas ArcticOpsCircle Arctic Ops Gragas
    A large man even before donning his hermetically sealed arctic combat suit, Gragas is a mystery to all save for High Command's secretive R&D labs. He appears human by all measures, save for the mask he never removes, and the eerily cold mixture of chemicals powering his massive frame.
  • Kennen ArcticOpsCircle Arctic Ops Kennen
    High Command's public stance towards ninjas are joking-to-nonexistent, as this is a war of modern weapons, not medieval flights of fancy. Privately, they deploy Kennen to hot zones in the deep Arctic, relying on his finely honed ninjitsu and deadly precision.
  • Swain NorthernFrontCircle Northern Front Swain
    They could have sent an army—twelve helicarriers boasting hypercoil cannons, pulse-jumping shocktroopers, and mechs to carve through the ice. But instead, a lone, grizzled veteran striding across the tundra. Some things are better left to the Grand General.
  • Varus ArcticOpsCircle Arctic Ops Varus
    Varus leaps from the rampart, a hail of arrows flying from his bow and freezing the ground beneath his victims. As they struggle to regroup, he draws a missile—circuits flashing along its spine—and lets fly. Thanks for the archer, High Command!
  • Volibear NorthernStormCircle Northern Storm Volibear
    It's easy to get used to having a bear in the platoon. He never gets cold, he sleeps all the time, and he can tear through a fully armored regiment of enemy soldiers in about six seconds. It's very easy to get used to having a bear in the platoon.


  • In-universe, Arctic Ops predated the Psy Ops by 40 years.
  • This skin theme resembles the Commando and the Omega Squad theme, where both have highly trained soilers and operatives.



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