For the removed item, see: Hextech Sweeper item Arcane Sweeper (Item)
Arcane Sweeper (Trinket) is a trinket item in League of Legends. It is exclusive to the Twisted Treeline.[1]

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Patch History

  • Renamed to Arcane Sweeper from Hextech Sweeper.
V5.11 - Added
  • Hextech Sweeper item Hextech Sweeper
    • Automatically bought trinket in Twisted Treeline.
    • Active: Covers an area with stealth-detecting mist for 5 seconds, granting vision of units which pass through it for 3 seconds (90 second cooldown) (800 range, 375 AoE Radius).
    • Limitations: Limited to 1 Trinket. Trinkets cannot be used in the first 30 seconds of a game. Selling a Trinket will disable Trinket use for 120 seconds.


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