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'Arcane' redirects here. For the setting, see Arcane (Universe). For more uses, see Arcane (disambiguation).

Arcane logo icon.png Arcane (titled onscreen as Arcane: League of Legends) is an animated action-adventure series created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee for Netflix. Produced by Fortiche under the supervision of Riot Games, it is set in the League of Legends icon.png League of Legends linkArcane (Universe) Arcane universe, and focuses on several characters from the games, particularly Vi Vi and Jinx Jinx. The series was first released in November 2021.


Based on the world behind League of Legends, Arcane dives into the delicate balance between the rich, utopian city of Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover and the seedy, oppressed underground of Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun. Known across Runeterra as the "city of progress," many of the most brilliant minds call these cities home. But the creation of hextech, a way for any person to control magical energy, threatens that balance. The story follows the origins of two iconic League champions-and the power that will tear them apart. Like the game on which it is based, Arcane is aimed at a "16+" audience and will deal with some more adult subject matter.


Caitlyn Jayce Jinx Vi Viktor Arcane Promo 01.jpg

Runeterra Crest icon.png


Arcane (TV Series)

Every legend has a beginning.

This is a summarized list of contributions for the series. For an in-depth credit list, see each episode's page.
Main Cast[1]
Supporting Cast
Additional Voices
  • Jessica DiCicco
  • Scott Menville
  • Terri Douglas
  • Michael Ralph
  • Arthur Ortiz
  • Abigail Ludrof
  • Kari Wahlgren
  • Shelby Young
Series Producers[2]
Series Writer
Series Production Management
  • Eric Bergman - Post-production supervisor
  • Alyssa Roberts - Production supervisor
  • Cassie Jo Dull - Production manager
Series Art Department
  • Jang Chol Lee - Visual development artist
Series Sound Department
  • Penny Harold - Re-recording mixer
  • Andrew Garrett Lange - Re-recording mixer
Series Special Effects
  • Can Yesilyurt - Special effects technician
Series Visual Effects
  • Rudyard Cretenet - Compositor
  • Philippe Lucini - Lighting artist
  • Nicolas Nepveu - Visual effects producer
  • Primault Quentin - Digital compositor
  • Kevin Vernet - Cfx artist: Fortiche
Series Animation Department
  • Maxime Delalande - Animator
  • John Clark - Head of layout
Series Casting Department
  • Terri Douglas - Adr voice casting
Series Music Department
  • Can Yesilyurt - Music editor
Series Script and Continuity Department
Series Additional Crew
  • Ethan Hubbert - Production coordinator


The series currently has one season (9 episodes) with a second season in development.


Arcane currently has two soundtracks released for the series: Arcane: Original Soundtrack and Arcane: Original Score (divided into 3 Acts). These soundtracks were released on payed music sites such as Amazon Music, Spotify, as well as free on Youtube.


Season 1

Pitched by Linke and Yee in around 2014-2015, everything from planning and starting up the project to the overall writing, production, and animation took around six years before its eventual release.[3][4][5][6] With this being the company's first foray into this media format, Riot Games decided to have Arcane developed internally and independently financed,[7] though initially through the collaboration of Linke and Yee with artists they've worked with before they began to receive more funding from Riot.[5]

Riot's then Global Head of Entertainment Businesses and Partnerships Jarred Kennedy worked with a creative team of writers (including Linke and Yee) in Los Angeles. The series was produced with and animated by Fortiche Productions, a French animation and creative production studio based in Paris that has worked with Riot on various videos for its champions in the past.[7] The voice actors came in early in the production process,[4][8] but majority of the main cast was only announced years later on September 21st, 2021.[9][10]

The series was announced on October 15th, 2019 as part of the League of Legends 10th anniversary celebrations,[7][11] with Riot Games' CEO Nicolo Laurent stating that they have plans for Arcane to have multiple seasons.[12] Original slated for a 2020 release,[7] the show was delayed to 2021 due to COVID-19-related difficulties.[13] On May 3rd, 2021, it was announced that the show has been picked up by Netflix for international release and by Tencent Video in China with a fall release date.[14][15] On September 25th, 2021, the release date for the first 3 episodes was revealed to be November 6th, 2021.[16]

Though the events of the series are heavily based on the established lore of the game, some differences have already been noted in the series. Creators Christian Linke and Alex Lee have shared that the changes are not necessarily retcons but are "adjustments in order to give [the viewers] the best story possible". Though working to make Arcane as consistent as possible with canon, as of 2021, he doesn't "think [they] would be considered a source of truth over the game", adding that they are taking into consideration the reaction of the fans, the current setup of Riot and its games, as well as the updates and changes to the characters.[17]

On January 29th, 2022, Thomas "Riot Wikingham" Cunningham, Senior Manager of Narrative Editing for League of Legends, would state in an interview with Polygon that "Their stories and their designs in Arcane are intentionally different from the Jayce and Viktor you see in-game, specifically to fit the show. So, it’s unlikely that we will make major changes to League of Legends’ Jayce and Viktor to match 1:1 with Arcane’s," when asked if any of these changes will eventually be consolidated into the game’s canon at large. Based on his response, linkArcane (Universe) Arcane and linkRuneterra Prime (Universe) League of Legends will mostly remain separate entities, despite the existence of Arcane skins within the game.[18]

Season 2

Following the season's conclusion on November 20th, 2021, Riot Games and Netflix announced that a second season was in production.[19][20][21] Its currently scheduled to be released sometime after 2022.

Marketing and Release

Season 1

Riot Games promoted the launch of Arcane through multiple events.

During the 2021 League of Legends icon.png League of Legends Worlds Championship, the opening for the finale was Arcane themed. Several musicians such as Imagine Dragons, JID, Denzel Curry, Bea Miller, and PVRIS all performed through pre-recorded performances on stages that blended practical sets with digital effects. Two songs performed, "Welcome to the Playground" and "Enemy", would later reappear in the show.

Through RiotX Arcane, Riot promoted the show within their own games such as League of Legends icon.png League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics icon.png Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift icon.png Wild Rift, and Valorant icon.png Valorant.[22] They also did promotional collaborations with non-Riot games such as PUBG MOBILE[23], Fortnite[24], Among Us[25], and Magic: The Gathering[26].

Riot promoted the show with a Arcane themed cafe (with its own exclusive cafe merch) and art exhibition hall in South Korea.[27][28] It lasted a week before the global premiere of the show. Similarly, the show was promoted in cities like New York (US), Moscow (Russia), Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), and Dubai (UAE). This was done with Arcane billboards scattered across the city on buildings and advertisement covers on metro trains. In case of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa was lit up with an Arcane themed projections that lasted several minutes.[29]

Several Arcane themed murals popped-up in cities like: Barcelona (Spain)[30]; Gdynia, Katowice, Warsaw, Wrocław (Poland)[31]; Prague (Czechia)[32].

On November 6th, 2021, for the global premiere, Riot Games hosted a live event at their headquarters. Numerous actors from the show, show developers, Riot employees, and popular fan content creators were invited to participate in the premier of the first episode. Riot streamed this event and the first episode on Twitch. Some content creators were allowed to co-stream (as well as interview several Riot employees and co-creators of Arcane before the episode premiered[33]) the first three episodes of the series once they received permission from Riot Games, a first for a Netflix series, which also allowed viewers to retrieve in-game drops during the premiere.[34] Drops were only included in the games League of Legends icon.png League of Legends (Arcane Capsule), Wild Rift icon.png Wild Rift ("A Single Tear" Emote), Teamfight Tactics icon.png Teamfight Tactics (Gizmos & Gadgets Little Legends Egg), Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra (Fascinating LoR Emote.png "Fascinating" Emote), and Valorant icon.png Valorant ("Fishbones" Gun Buddy).[35] The premiere received 1.8 million concurrent viewers on Twitch.

In conjunction with RiotXArcane, between the airing of Act 2 and Act 3, Riot hosted a live event called Undercity Nights.[36] During that event guests were able to enjoy their night in a bar created to resemble the Last Drop from the show.[37] The live event had a two-day broadcast, featuring live competitions from Riot's games as well as discussions from within a recreated Last Drop Office room. On both days of the broadcast was co-streamable to all content creators and watchable on Twitch and YouTube. A second chance to earn Twitch Drops from Arcane's Premiere were enabled during the broadcast of this event.[38]

Additional details about Chem-Barons companies were released on the Enter the Undercity live event site, which was tied to the Undercity Nights live party event.[39][40][41][42][43] During the Enter the Undercity event, several cosplayers were hired by Riot to play characters from the show, as well as others made for the event itself. Additionally, several previously unnamed characters from the show had their names revealed through this cosplaying event, such as the chem-baroness Margot Margot, and thugs Aero Aero and Lock Lock.[44]

The first season was released in three installments ("Acts") with 3 episodes each.[45] Episodes are roughly 40 minutes long.[46]


The show was critically acclaimed from critics and viewers alike.[47]



  • Series co-creator, Christian 'Praeco' Linke, also composed Vi Vi and Jinx's Jinx's themes.
  • The show was independently financed by Riot which, according to Jarred Kennedy, Riot's global head of IP businesses and partnerships, gave the studio “the creative oversight that we needed.”[63]
  • The series will be most appealing to those who are already familiar with the mythology of the game and want to further explore its roots. Riot co-founder Brandon 'Ryze' Beck told The Hollywood Reporter: “Originally, League started off with a bunch of characters and we threw them together really quickly. Over time, players became really attached to the characters and we wanted to build more of a universe around them [with Arcane].”
  • To promote the series, League of Legends icon.png League of Legends released a slew of new features in the Into the Arcane event, codenamed trueshot internally.



Imagine Dragons & JID - Enemy (from the series Arcane League of Legends) - Official Music Video

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Arcane- Bridging the Rift - Part 1 - I Only Dream in Risky

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