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Arbormark is a nation in central Runeterra Crest icon Valoran, bordering Demacia Crest icon Demacia and the Freljord Crest icon Freljord.


Arbormark is a longstanding ally of Demacia. During the Mage Rebellion which plunged Demacia into chaos, Arbormark delegates were summoned to aid the nation in its desperate time. It is notable that they appear to be apathetic to Demacia's treatment of mages, but they are completely accepting of mages themselves.


Arbormark Salute

The Arbormark Salute is performed with an individual touching the palm of their left hand to their forehead then extending it to the sky. Afterwards the individual present themselves and end with a head bow.



Arbormark is governed by the Lord of Arbormark.


Ambassadors are used as political diplomats in foreign nations outside of Arbormark.

Magistrates Description
Arjen Current Arbormark ambassador in Demacia.


Demacia Crest icon Demacia

The Arbormark have long been allies of Demacia. As a small nation between Demacia and Freljord, they have been instrumental in protecting the kingdoms borders. While the nation does have high-ranking officials with magical abilities, they are well protected and guarded during their stay in the Kingdom so long as the abide by the Laws of Stone.

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