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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.

An Anti-turret cannon was a type of minion created by Banner of Command's Banner of Command's active effect Promote. The champion that promoted it would be granted any gold Gold gold it may earn from kills.


  • On Crystal Scar, Super minions are transformed into Anti-turret cannons, very efficient in capturing neutral or enemy capture points, as they have a faster rate of capture and more health than regular minions. However, they will still die along with all other minions after capturing a point.
  • Casting Promote on a super minion will grant the following buffs:
    • Buffs attack speed ~80% (1.25 attacks per second from 0.694)
    • Adds (Champion level × 75) + 200 max health (except at level 3, where it adds +500), and healing it completely
    • Immunity to magic damage