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Annie OriginalSkin.jpg
Original Annie View in 3D
260 RP 260 / 21-Feb-2009
Annie FrostfireSkin.jpg
Frostfire Annie View in 3D
975 RP 975 / 24-May-2011
Annie ReverseSkin.jpg
Reverse Annie View in 3D
975 RP 975 / 06-Sep-2011
Annie PandaSkin.jpg
Panda Annie View in 3D
975 RP 975 / 08-Feb-2013
Annie SuperGalaxySkin.jpg
Super Galaxy Annie View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 16-Oct-2017
Annie CafeCutiesSkin.jpg
Cafe Cuties Annie View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 02-Dec-2021
Cafe Cuties Annie Chromas

Legacy Vault

Annie RedRidingSkin.jpg
Red Riding Annie View in 3D
520 RP 520 / 27-Apr-2010
Annie AnnieinWonderlandSkin.jpg
Annie in Wonderland View in 3D
1820 RP 1820 / 16-Aug-2010
Annie PromQueenSkin.jpg
Prom Queen Annie View in 3D
520 RP 520 / 07-Feb-2011
Annie FrankenTibbersSkin.jpg
FrankenTibbers Annie View in 3D
975 RP 975 / 19-Oct-2011
Annie SweetheartSkin.jpg
Sweetheart Annie View in 3D
750 RP 750 / 13-Feb-2015
Annie LunarBeastSkin.jpg
Lunar Beast Annie View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 04-Feb-2021
Lunar Beast Annie Chromas

Rare & Limited

Annie GothSkin.jpg
Goth Annie View in 3D
Special pricing / 27-Oct-2009
Annie HextechSkin.jpg
Hextech Annie View in 3D
Special pricing / 15-Mar-2016
Annie Annie-VersarySkin.jpg
Annie-Versary View in 3D
Special pricing / 27-Oct-2019



Bear Hugs
Enemy champions killed within 3 seconds of damaging them with Summon = Tibbers (R)
Duty-Free Arson
Amount of mana refunded for last hitting an enemy champion, minion, or monster with Disintegrate (Q)
Spicy Stuns
Enemy champions stunned with Pyromania (P)


Original Annie Original Annie
  • Her very first splash art very first splash art was directly tweaked for the first splash art of her Goth Goth skin.
Goth Annie Goth Annie

Goth Annie's Goth Annie's appearance on the Digital Collector's Bundle art.

  • As one of the four Collector's Edition skins, she was only be obtainable through digital or retail Collector's Edition packs.[1]
  • Her old Chinese artwork Chinese artwork might have influenced her visual update.
    • Her International Updated splash art was further updated to the Chinese version. Previously she had a much more grim expression grim expression where currently she has a more cheerful one. The Chinese edited version is a direct reference to the old Chinese splash art.
      • Her appearance on the art for the Digital Collector's Bundle in the Riot Store is the version prior to the edit.
Red Riding Annie Red Riding Annie
Annie in Wonderland Annie in Wonderland
  • She references Alice in Wonderland (Annie is dressed as the titular Alice and Tibbers as the White Rabbit).
  • This skin was a response to the player request to have Tibbers with a different appearance. It was classified as Legendary back when it was released, but features present in today's Legendary skins (modified ability particles, different emote or recall animation, new voiceover, etc.) are absent from this one.
    • Recall effects were added with her VFX update.
FrankenTibbers Annie FrankenTibbers Annie
Reverse Annie Reverse Annie
  • She is dressed in a Tibbers onesie and is carrying a doll in her own image, while Tibbers is dressed as her.
    • The doll resembles the infamous Annabelle one.
Prom Queen Annie Prom Queen Annie
Frostfire Annie Frostfire Annie
  • Annie was originally going to have blonde hair.
  • Annie creating a circle of magic in the old Chinese artwork Chinese artwork might be referencing Fairy Tail.
Panda Annie Panda Annie
Sweetheart Annie Sweetheart Annie
Hextech Annie Hextech Annie
Super Galaxy Annie Super Galaxy Annie
Annie-Versary Annie-Versary
Lunar Beast Annie Lunar Beast Annie
Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Citrine, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Vitality
Cafe Cuties Annie Cafe Cuties Annie
Chromaskins.png Chromas: Aquamarine, Catseye, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Tanzanite


  1. Guide to Legacy and Limited Skins
  2. M. Shelley, Frankenstein, chap. 5