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Dangerous, yet disarmingly precocious, Annie Annie is a child mage with immense pyrokinetic power. Even in the shadows of the mountains north of Noxus, she is a magical outlier. Her natural affinity for fire manifested early in life through unpredictable, emotional outbursts, though she eventually learned to control these tricks. Her favorite includes the summoning of her beloved teddy bear, Tibbers Tibbers, as a fiery beast hellbent on destruction. Lost in the perpetual innocence of childhood, Annie wanders the dark forests, always looking for someone to play with.

AnnieSquare.png"Ashes, ashes, they all fall down."  Annie
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Early Life

Annie Hastur was born in the Ironspike Mountains of Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus as the daughter of Gregori Hastur and Amoline Kiosar, a couple of Noxians who left to the mountains during Boram Darkwill's final years on the throne. Annie was given her teddy bear Tibbers Tibbers by Amoline, whom infused the toy with a fiery beast named Tybaulk Tybaulk whom she was bound to in the LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png1 Ravenbloom Conservatory. When Annie was a toddler, she manifested a burning fever, causing her mother to be unable to hold her. Amoline left to fetch icy water to ease her daughter's fever, but she never returned home. As she waited for her mother to come back, Annie's fire powers began to manifest by causing the extinguished fireplace to resume burning, but Gregori believed that what he saw was the result of hallucinations from the stress of being a single parent.


Later on, Gregori married a woman named Leanna, accompanied by her own daughter Daisy. Annie mostly had a good relationship with her step-family, but Leanna began to distrust Annie after finding her disturbing crayon drawings, while Daisy grew terrified when Annie activated her fire powers whenever she lost her temper. One day, the two girls were playing outside when they saw a faerie fly by, so they decided to chase it. However, Daisy was so distracted by the faerie that she unknowingly walked toward a river. She slipped off the rock she was standing on, so Annie tried to save her by reaching out to her with Tibbers in her hand. As Daisy tried to hold on, Tibbers heated up and she lost her grip, while Annie was only able to watch helplessly as her stepsister drowned in the river.

Leanna blamed Annie for causing her daughter's death, disheartening Annie to sob in her room. In her sadness, her fire magic spread across her room, to Grigori's horror. He reassured her before carrying her out of her room, but saw rubble from the ceiling about to fall on top of them. Gregori threw her back as he sacrificed himself to save her, with Annie watching her father getting crushed to death. After the whole house burned down, Leanna mournfully expressed her spite towards Annie for taking everything away from her, snatching Tibbers away from her and trying to rip him into two. In a fit of emotion, Annie animated Tibbers for the first time, whom promptly lashed out and killed Leanna.

After the flames died down, Annie was left traumatized and alone. She now roams across Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra with Tibbers to protect her, eager to find friends and a family to accept her, but she is always oblivious that her untrained powers end up putting others in danger.

Wandering through Noxus

After accidentally killing her family, she wandered in the dark forests of northern Noxus for great time, often encountering people who would underestimate her and would end in trouble. This stories would create urban legends around Annie, and would make these forests a very fearsome place to be.

During the events of Trouble, Annie ended up on a tavern. She asked the bartender a cup of milk, who would find the girl very ominous and strange, but would accept her order as she offered a bag full of coins, more then necessary to pay her request. A bounty hunter then approached the girl, provoking her and demanding to know where she found such great sum of money. As he continued to bother her, she unleashed tibbers who immediately shred the man apart, setting the tavern on fire. She gladly thanked the bartender, and then walked out as the structure crumbled to ashes.

At some point, she was adopted by another family, who gave her current pink/purple clothes and her horned tiara. It is not known what happened to them, but it is presumed that they were all killed by Annie's uncontrolled fire magic.

Recent events

Ravenbloom Conservatory

A decade since Amoline's disappearance, the academy sent scouts throughout Noxus to search for her due to her taking their beast with her. Fynn Retrick, a scout who knew Amoline, heard rumors of a young girl with fiery powers in the Ironspike Mountains. When the rumors were proven true, he recognized Annie as Amoline's daughter and brought her to the Conservatory. Annie got along with her classmates, but her misbehavior was hard for the staff to control. One night, Annie used her fire magic to set the Ravenbloom Conservatory on fire out of mischief, causing everyone to be evacuated before the academy burned to rubble.


She is a young girl described with a bright-red hair. She wears a infant gothic, with a pink and purple palette. She wears a horned tiara, who gives her the impression of an imp, and has a leather bag on her back. She seems to always carry a innocent and malicious face.


Annie is childish and reckless, putting on a display of innocence while showing an unsettling sense of humor at times. She is very protective of Tibbers, seeing him as her best friend, and will not hesitate to animate him to attack whomever tries to harm her or snatches him from her. She is shown to have an indomitable will which impressed Tybaulk (the demon within Tibbers) enough to ally with her.


  • Magicborn: Annie was born with a natural magical ability, which can grow the more she trains and expand her knowledge about magic. Annie's powers are largely rudimentary due to her lack of training.
    • Fire Magic: Annie has always had a natural affinity towards fire, beginning when, as a child, she would make objects catch fire with her mind which would extend to burning her entire home as a little girl. She can hurl destructive fireballs at her opponents and summon massive waves of fire. Besides that, she can use fire to do more than simple destruction, such as creating shields around herself.
      • Shield Creation: Annie can make her flames to form a shield around her, blocking incoming attacks and making it explode around her. This ability also passively shields her from the cold climate, as she apparently needs no coat or winter clothing.
  • Demonic Bonding: Annie has a magical bonding with the fire demon Tybaulk, who greatly amplify her already high magical levels. When she needs, it manifests as Tibbers Tibbers.


Tybaulk/Tibbers Tybaulk/Tibbers

Tibbers is Annie's best friend. She is greatly found of him, and becomes enraged when someone tries to hurt on steal him from her, unleashing her magic when it happens. Tybaulk, the demon within Tibbers, seems to be impressed that Annie's will is strong enough to tame him, explaining why he is willing to help her.

Grigori Hastur (Father)

Grigori was a loving father towards Annie until the end, giving her the nickname "Firefly" while reassuring her whenever she felt sad and defending her from Leanna's suspicions, even when she blamed Annie for the death of her daughter. In his final moments, he was more concerned for Annie's safety than his own when the house burned down, sacrificing his own life so she could survive.

Amoline Kiosar-Hastur (Mother)

Annie loved Amoline for giving her Tibbers as a gift. When she disappared without a trace, Annie hoped for her mother to return one day, loving her more than her stepfamily (though one of Annie's drawings depicts Amoline lying down underground, suggesting she knows that her mother died).

Daisy Hastur (Stepsister)

While Annie got along with her stepsister, Daisy was scared of her temper and fiery powers. One time, Annie ignited Tibbers to scare Daisy after the latter tried to take him for a game, with Annie briefly smiling before reacting with shame when Leanna confronted her. During the accident which led to Daisy's death, Annie desperately tried to save her and shouted her name before she sank.

Leanna Hastur (Stepmother)

Annie had a troubled relationship with her stepmother, whom was disturbed by Annie's behavior and drawings and tried to protect Daisy from her. Interestingly, Annie's drawings depict Leanna without a face unlike how she depicts everyone else including Daisy, likely representing how distantly she sees Leanna. After Daisy's death, Leanna blamed Annie for it and called her a monster, indirectly leading to Grigori's death and their house burning down. Traumatized by Annie taking away everything she cared about, she hated her to the point of trying to rip Tibbers out of spite, overwhelming Annie with anger making Tibbers lash out and kill her.

LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png3 Daani

She seems to get along with him.

LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png2 Sydell Kythera

She seems to get along with him, but always seems to misspell his name, as she finds it hard to pronounce.

LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png1 Ravenbloom's Staff

Annie is not found of the academy's staff, as they were always trying to control her. She would always use her powers to prank her teacher, something that would enrage Headmistress Telsi.

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Annie OriginalCentered.jpg

Runeterra Crest icon.png


The Dark Child

By Ariel Lawrence

Starring Champion

Annie Origins concept 27.jpg

Runeterra Crest icon.png


Annie: Origins

Discover the spark that set off the Dark Child's fire.

Annie Trouble.jpg

Runeterra Crest icon.png

Short Story


By Michael Yichao

There's one thing you should remember about little Annie: she's never alone. Isn't that right, Tibbers?

Alternate Universes

Worlds Ignite.jpg

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Music Video


By Numerous creators

Since its inception, Worlds has grown and evolved. Each unbelievable play and phenomenal match created moments and memories that will never be forgotten. In these iconic moments, players and teams reached for something incredible within themselves and brought it to life on the Summoner’s Rift...

Annie LunarBeast Save the Celebration.png

Runeterra Crest icon.png


Save the Celebration

Honor the past, protect the future. Every year, a beast of legend arrives to threaten the Lunar New Year, and every year, a team of heroes is chosen to stand as guardians over the celebration.


Annie, the Dark Child Annie, the Dark Child

  • Tibbers was hand-crafted by Annie's mother, with the mythical Shadow Bears as a template, and is the only memento she has of her. She uses it as a focus for her pyromancy to bring Tibbers to life[1] as opposed to the previous lore when he was just a Shadow Bear whom Annie herself enthralled.
  • Annie's stepmother is named Leanna and her stepsister is named Daisy just like the Sentinel Sentinel Ivern Ivern summons. It is unknown if these two are related or not.
  • Tibbers' Tibbers' lost his button eye in the incident where Annie lost her step-sister, Daisy.
    • While distracted by chasing after a fairie fairie, Daisy fell in a rushing river despite Annie trying to warn her. Annie attempted to save her but Daisy was swept away in the current.
    • It is most likely that Amoline drowned in the river she tried to draw water from, due to poor visibility in the middle of the night. It is stated that there is only one river near their home and considering that Annie and Daisy would not have been allowed to venture far from their house, it is most likely the same river that Daisy drowned in.
  • Her current appearance was due to an unknown adopted family that lived around the Ironspike Mountain regions of Noxus.
  • She is currently 8 years old.
    • The age of the character was mentioned in her FrankenTibbers Annie FrankenTibbers Annie which still shares the same visual character age as her classic skin.
  • It is implied that Annie's pyrokinetic magic passively shields her from the cold of winter, being perfectly fine in a short-sleeved dress. If she had to actively use her visible flames to keep warm, it is more likely that a "meanie" devoured by Tibbers that had stopped Annie on the road would have avoided antagonizing her in the first place.[2]
  • ANNIE: Origins depicts Annie with brown hair, but Trouble states that she has "bright red" hair.

Original Annie Original Annie

  • She is the daughter of Gregori Hastur the Gray Warlock & Amoline the Shadow Witch.
  • When Annie was 8 years old, she enthralled a shadow bear from the Voodoo Lands, who would be known as Tibbers Tibbers.

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