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Anivia (Universe)Anivia (Universe)
Anivia (League of Legends)Anivia (League of Legends)
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Anivia (Teamfight Tactics)Anivia (Teamfight Tactics)
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Jade Jade
Anivia DivinePhoenixTFTSquare.png
Ashe FaeDragonTFTSquare.png
Gnar ElderwoodTFTSquare.png
Karma TranquilityDragonTFTSquare.png
Neeko OriginalSquare.png
Shi Oh Yu OriginalSquare.png
Soraka DawnbringerTFTSquare.png
Taric EmeraldTFTSquare.png
Jade Emblem TFT item.png
Evoker Evoker
Anivia DivinePhoenixTFTSquare.png
Aurelion Sol OriginalTFTSquare.png
Lulu DragonTrainerTFTSquare.png
Sona GuqinTFTSquare.png
Evoker Emblem TFT item.png
Legend Legend
Anivia DivinePhoenixTFTSquare.png
Ornn ThunderLordTFTSquare.png
Volibear DualityDragonTFTSquare.png
Legend Emblem TFT item.png



Glacial Glacial
Anivia OriginalSquare.png
Ashe OriginalSquare.png
Braum OriginalSquare.png
Lissandra OriginalSquare.png
Sejuani OriginalSquare.png
Volibear OriginalSquare old.png
Frozen Mallet TFT item.png
Elementalist Elementalist
Anivia OriginalSquare.png
Brand OriginalSquare.png
Kennen OriginalSquare.png
Lissandra OriginalSquare.png


Patch History

V9.22 - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 2.
  • Base health increased to 750 from 700.
  • Base attack speed increased to 0.8 from 0.6.
  • Starting mana increased to 50 from 0.
  • Maximum mana increased to 125 from 100.
  • Ability now targets the furthest enemy, instead of a random one.
  • Ability duration reduced to 6 seconds from 8.
  • Ability maximum damage increased to 800 / 1100 / 1400 from 700 / 950 / 1200.
  • Base health increased to 700 from 650.
  • Removed: Ability no longer cancels when she dies.
V9.13 - Added
  • Tier 5 Glacial Glacial Elementalist Elementalist.
  • Glacial Storm.png Active - Glacial Storm: Channels a large hailstorm for 8 seconds, dealing 87.5 / 118.75 / 150 magic damage each second and slowing the attack speed of enemies inside it by 50 / 70 / 90%. The storm can deal a total of 700 / 950 / 1200 magic damage.