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Anivia OriginalSkin.jpg
Original Anivia View in 3D
790 RP 790 / 09-Jul-2009
Anivia BirdofPreySkin.jpg
Bird of Prey Anivia View in 3D
520 RP 520 / 02-May-2010
Anivia BlackfrostSkin.jpg
Blackfrost Anivia View in 3D
1820 RP 1820 / 29-Apr-2013
Anivia PrehistoricSkin.jpg
Prehistoric Anivia View in 3D
750 RP 750 / 14-Jun-2015
Anivia FestivalQueenSkin.jpg
Festival Queen Anivia View in 3D
975 RP 975 / 23-Feb-2017
Anivia PapercraftSkin.jpg
Papercraft Anivia View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 21-Feb-2019
Anivia CosmicFlightSkin.jpg
Cosmic Flight Anivia View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 24-Nov-2020
Anivia DivinePhoenixSkin.jpg
Divine Phoenix Anivia View in 3D
1350 RP 1350 / 02-Sep-2021
Cosmic Flight Anivia Chromas
Divine Phoenix Anivia Chromas
Papercraft Anivia Chromas

Legacy Vault

Anivia TeamSpiritSkin.jpg
Team Spirit Anivia View in 3D
520 RP 520 / 12-Feb-2010
Anivia NoxusHunterSkin.jpg
Noxus Hunter Anivia View in 3D
520 RP 520 / 24-Aug-2010
Anivia HextechSkin.jpg
Hextech Anivia View in 3D
750 RP 750 / 01-Mar-2011



Frozen Frostbites
Double damage dealt to enemy champions with Frostbite (E)
Second Winds
Successful resurrections with Rebirth (P)
The Wall
Enemy champions knocked aside by Crystallize (W)


Team Spirit Anivia Team Spirit Anivia
Bird of Prey Anivia Bird of Prey Anivia
Hextech Anivia Hextech Anivia
Blackfrost Anivia Blackfrost Anivia
  • This skin depicts the aftermath of the Freljord Civil War if the Frostguard profileicon.png Frostguard win. Their victory further spreads Lissandra's Lissandra's corruption of True Ice and, as a result, Anivia succumbs to it due to her elemental nature and tie to the Freljord.
Prehistoric Anivia Prehistoric Anivia
Festival Queen Anivia Festival Queen Anivia
Papercraft Anivia Papercraft Anivia
Chromaskins.png Chromas: Catseye, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Tanzanite
  • While not directly sharing a splash art with Papercraft Nunu Papercraft Nunu, their splash arts can join together to make one larger image.
  • This skin was inspired by Origami.
Cosmic Flight Anivia Cosmic Flight Anivia
Chromaskins.png Chromas: Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Turquoise
  • She was inspired by the Cygnus constellation.
Divine Phoenix Anivia Divine Phoenix Anivia
Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Emerald, Golden Tiger, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby
  • This skin is based on the Chinese mythology Fenghuang, which symbolizes the virtue and grace, as well the union of all yin and yang tissue.
  • It was released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Chinese server.