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Freljord Anivia

Anivia Anivia is a benevolent winged spirit who endures endless cycles of life, death, and rebirth to protect the Freljord. A demigod born of unforgiving ice and bitter winds, she wields those elemental powers elemental powers to thwart any who dare disturb her homeland. Anivia guides and protects the tribes of the harsh north, who revere her as a symbol of hope, and a portent of great change. She fights with every ounce of her being, knowing that through her sacrifice, her memory will endure, and she will be reborn reborn into a new tomorrow.

AniviaSquare"I am the fury of the blizzard, the bite of the wind, and the cold of the ice. I am the Freljord."  Anivia
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Early Life[]

Anivia is an ancient demi-god who represents the eternal cycle of life, death, rebirth and the changing of the seasons. She, along with her many siblings, sprung from Runeterra Crest icon Runeterra during its formation and together they began to forge the lands of the Freljord Crest icon Vorrijaard itself. Anivia's birth in particular is believed to have brought the first winters into the world, with some even claiming she is responsible for creating True Ice.

Arrival of Mortal Tribes[]

When the first mortals arrived in the ancient Vorrijaard, Anivia welcomed them willingly. Witnessing their fragility to the cold weather, she sheltered and guided them to secluded valleys where they would establish their own tribal communities and harden themselves to the elements. While nurturing and watching over these tribes, the mortals would come to revere and worship her and her siblings as gods. Legends state that, though she hoped that these tribes would remain united, blood-feuds and infighting made them susceptible to a massive invasion from a greedy king in the south who marched through the mountains seeking to claim the wild magic of the Vorrijaard for himself. Anivia, angered by the outsiders, summoned a massive snowstorm that lasted a century, obliterating the ancient army.

The Three Sisters[]

A young mortal woman named Lissandra Lissandra, alongside her two sisters Avarosa and Serylda, sought to harness the magics of the world and claim dominion over the entire Vorrijaard. In order to do so, each sister scoured the world for ancient powers to harness with Lissandra seeking to tame the wild magic of the land itself.[1] Anivia's brothers Valhir Valhir and LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator8 Ildhaurg however grew angered by Lissandra's defiance and sought to destroy the three sisters for their transgressions. Anivia however, alongside her other siblings, was more inclined to work with the sisters rather than declare a war.[2]

After the eldest sister Lissandra made a pact with otherworldly masters, these three sisters would form a mighty alliance and lead a horde of warriors called the Iceborn. These powerful mortals were attuned to elemental magics of the ice, capable of wielding and utilizing the True Ice substance and practically immune to the frigid cold of the Vorrijaard, now called the Freljord.[1]

As Lissandra and her sisters gained power and marched with their armies, they slowly erased the influences of the Freljordian demi-gods in favor of venerating the Three Sisters as goddesses, affecting the worship of Anivia and her siblings over time.

Death and Rebirth[]

It's believed that even death cannot touch Anivia herself, as many stories tell of how she had been struck down a handful of times throughout history, always followed by a magnificent rebirth—for as long as the Freljord exists, her soul remains immortal. Each rebirth may take hundreds or thousands of years before she rises again, but they always coincide with the dawn of a new era for the Freljord, causing her appearance to be both a wondrous blessing as well as an omen of great or terrible changes on the horizon.

Legend has it that Anivia once sacrificed herself against a march of towering Balestriders, colossal and ancient creatures now corrupted by the influence of Lissandra.[3] Though she was incapable of truly slaying these creatures, she instead plunged into the ice beneath their feet and shattered her own body, entombing them beneath the ice and snow.

Modern History[]

Myths and Legends[]

Anivia is ancient enough to have witnessed countless mortal civilizations and is highly revered to by many tribal communities of the Freljord. Many stories and legends have been told in Anivia's honor, cementing her as a staple for most of Freljordian mythology and culture.

One of the oldest stories of Anivia tells of how her brother Ornn felled one of her favorite perching trees to build his house the Horn Hall. Annoyed by this, Anivia sought to prank her brother by tickling his nose with her feathers as he slept, causing him to sneeze out a gout of flame and setting his bedsheets on fire. Anivia, panicked by the blaze of fire building in the wooden house, flapped her wings to fly away and accidentally stoked the fire even hotter within the dry Freljordian air, causing all of Horn Hall to light ablaze. Ornn woke up on top of a pile of ashes in a bad mood, feeling disturbed in his sleep but unaware of the prank Anivia did on him, something she hasn't told him to this day.[4]

The nomadic Notai highly revere Anivia, traveling along the waves of frost believed to spill from Anivia's massive wings.[5] Well known for their songs and storytelling, the Notai have many songs that detail Anivia's magnificent birth; bursting from a giant egg of ice and hurling tiny shards into the sky to eventually fall as snow.

Another tribe, called the Mourncrow, have sagas telling how the frigid winds and blizzards that scour the Freljord actually originate from the first beats of Anivia's wings when she first birthed into the world.

The Freljord Avarosan Avarosan tribe have a legend about an Iceborn warmother named Ulla Shatter-Spear, who was favored by Anivia herself for saving a young Hawk from a Rimefang Wolf. Throughout Ulla's life, Anivia protected her from harm until she finally fell in battle after witnessing a hundred winters. After her death, Ulla's soul was welcomed by Anivia herself with wings spread wide.

Recent events[]

Anivia has reemerged from her egg once more, marking the start of a new era for the Freljord and bringing great change. She most recently appeared before Ashe Ashe, who continued her deceased mother Grena's search for the mythical Throne of Avarosa. Ashe, now the new warmother of the Avarosan tribe, is seen by Anivia as the one who can finally reunite the tribes of the Freljord and thus has somewhat gained the favor of the Cryophoenix.[6]

With Anivia's return to the Freljord, more and more shamans and spirit walkers of the old demi-gods feel her presence and the new era she heralds to the Freljord, though they are unsure of what great threat she has come to face.


Anivia is massive eagle-like creature composed entirely of crystalline blue ice. She also has a single fuchsia crystal on her forehead. Her egg form is an icy globe which glows with white magic and appears swaddled in a nest of icy spikes.


Revered by both the Notai and the Yeti of old, Anivia is seen as a benevolent guardian deity. In Freljordian legends, she has noteably be an advocate for forgiveness and unity among all of the Freljord's people. The Notai and the Yeti have been called her "children" by her brothers before, hinting at her more nurturing nature. She also advocates diplomacy before war, as seen when she advises her kin to work together with the Three Sisters.

While she is a peaceful being, she is not a pacifist. She has notably defended the Freljord Crest icon Freljord from outside forces like Southerners who seek to claim the Freljord Crest icon Vorrijaard as their own as well as Voidborn and the Watchers that created them, who threaten Runeterra Crest icon Runeterra itself. While she is unable to die, she is willing to sacrifice herself in order to save the Freljord Crest icon Freljord from annihilation.


  • Spirit God Physiology: Anivia is an ancient divine being embodying an aspect of the world. In her case, Anivia embodies the concepts of ice, winter, changing of seasons, rebirth and hope in Freljord Crest icon Freljordian culture. As a spirit god, Anivia is empowered by the belief of her followers and linked to the cultural concepts she embodies.
    • Winged Flight: Anivia takes the form of a giant, majestic bird made of ice and snow with massive wings. Though these wings grant her the ability of flight, she may also use these wings to summon great blizzards summon great blizzards as ice and snow constantly fall off of her wings.
    • Immortality: As a spirit goddess, Anivia cannot age or die as long as the concepts she embodies and the Freljord itself still exists. Historically however, Anivia has been struck down in battle several times over thousands of years. Whenever this occurs, Anivia is sure to be reborn and emerge from an egg egg soon after, with her rebirth marking a new era for the Freljord.
    • Ice Magic: Ice Magic: As a powerful goddess of the winter, Anivia is linked to the elemental magics of ice and frost. Many legends tell of her immense strength and capability in controlling the winter. She is capable of summoning great blizzards, erect mighty walls of ice mighty walls of ice and is even believed to have created the magical substance True Ice.
    • Empowerment: Like all spiritual Gods, Anivia has the ability to give parts of her power to her followers and all who worship her.


Freljordian Demi-Gods[]

Anivia is one of the Freljordian demi-gods responsible for creating and forging the very land itself. All of the gods are siblings with one another, with Anivia being among one of the older ones. Anivia has not shown any true ill will to any of her fellow gods and is related to deities such as the Seal Sister and other currently unnamed spirits.

Ornn Ornn[]

Ornn is the eldest of the Freljordian demi-gods, being the god of the forge and magma. Ornn doesn't socialize with his siblings very much but hasn't shown any ill will towards Anivia. However, there are legends within the Freljord that tell of how Anivia, after Ornn felled her favorite perching tree, pulled a prank on Ornn in his sleep, causing him to sneeze a gout of flame and burn his house down. The legend states that he woke up in a grumpy mood, unaware of what Anivia had done.[4]

Volibear Volibear[]

The mighty Volibear, also known as Valhir, is the Freljordian demi-god of storms and warfare. Volibear interacted with Anivia when he called his siblings together to declare war on the ice witch Lissandra Lissandra. Many of the gods, especially Anivia, actually denied Volibear's proposal of war and was more inclined to cooperate with the mortals.[2] Despite this, and despite his violent nature, Volibear actually highly respects Anivia as a goddess.

Lissandra Lissandra[]

Though it's unsure whether or not Anivia has personally interacted with Lissandra, she is the one who moved to make peace with her instead of declaring war like her brother Volibear proposed. Anivia felt the ice witch's presence when she rallied her army of Iceborn to claim dominion over the Freljord, as followers of the old gods began to die out in her crusade to wipe out all of their worshippers.[1]

Ashe Ashe[]

Anivia hasn't personally interacted with Ashe, but she did appear before her at the mythical Avarosa's Throne, where Ashe found her signature True Ice bow.[6] Recently, word has spread that Ashe has actually gained the favor of Anivia herself as she sees in Ashe a way to truly reunite the Freljord.


The Notai tribe highly revere Anivia in particular, having many stories and songs passed down for generations that speak of her many deeds and detailing her magnificent birth and rebirth within the world. They are nomadic and travel by following wherever the snow may fall, traveling along the waves of frost believed to fall off of Anivia's wings as she flies.[5]

Nunu & Willump Nunu & Willump[]

Nunu hasn't personally met Anivia but was born within the Notai tribe where he heard many stories and songs about her, particularly from his mom Layka.[5]

Udyr Udyr[]

As the most powerful spirit walker in the Freljord, Udyr is easily capable of channeling the powers of all the Freljordian spirits including Anivia herself.[7] When channeling Anivia, Udyr enters his Storm Stance Storm Stance, gaining the ice magic of the Cryophoenix herself.

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  • Anivia is a prehistoric entity, being at least 10000 years old and possibly much older than that.
  • As a Spirit God, Anivia acts as a manifestation of cultural ideas, given immense power by the belief of her followers. Because of this, her power can wax and wane depending on her worship or even disappear entirely for a long time.[8]
  • It's most likely that True Ice's origins are traced back to Anivia, as Sylas Sylas can obtain ice magic similar to hers when he made contact with True Ice.[9]
  • While in egg form egg form, Anivia is often referred to as LoR Champion Indicator1Eggnivia.
    • In League of Legends, Anivia's in-game name changes accordingly while she is Revival icon resurrecting with her passive.

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