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  • Amumu's original icon for Bandage Toss old Bandage Toss shows him in a pose that references Spider-Man's web shooting from Marvel Comics.
  • Amumu is seen on a caution sign in the game's Mac Version trailer.
  • Amumu was the third champion to attain 7 skins.
  • Amumu's dance references the Goth kids' dance in South Park.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
    • Both are in turn parodying classic 'Peanut's Dance', a bizarre shuffling dance performed by the characters from the Peanuts comic and animated films.
  • When Amumu dies, his pose is that of an Egyptian mummy with his arms crossed right over left.
    • This is a nod to him being a Shuriman boy prince in life.
  • Amumu's price range was lowered from IP icon 1350 to IP icon 450 in accordance with the release of his 'Curse of the Sad Mummy' music video.
  • Amumu and Blitzcrank OriginalSquare Blitzcrank were planned to have Amumu SewnChaosCircle Sewn Blitzcrank SewnChaosCircle Chaos skins, but both were cancelled for failing to meet Riot's quality standards.
    • They may return in the future.
  • The ward skin Sad Mummy Ward Sad Mummy Ward references him.
  • He has a base size of 50 which is considered medium.



  • It is purposely left ambiguous whether Amumu is an undead human boy or a Yordle one.
    • In-game evidence to support Amumu being a Yordle includes lines directed at him.
        Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (49)
        Iceborn Keeper profileicon "A Yordle? Gah!"
        Illaoi OriginalSquare "Why would I need a spirit's help? I am guided by Nagakabouros." (Illaoi's line when taunting a Yordle)
        Poppy OriginalSquare "I don't get Yordles. Too fluffy."
  • Amumu is at least 6000 years old, having myths and legends about him dating back as the early days of the Shuriman Empire.


Amumu OriginalCircle Original Amumu
  • The artwork is used by The Tribunal to indicate an error.
  • The Amumu OriginalSkin Ch Chinese artwork used to have images of a human couple speculated to be Amumu's parents, but they have since been edited out when the splash art was incorporated for international use.
Amumu PharaohCircle Pharaoh Amumu
Amumu VancouverCircle Vancouver Amumu
Amumu EmumuCircle Emumu
Amumu Re-GiftedCircle Re-Gifted Amumu
Amumu Almost-PromKingCircle Almost-Prom King Amumu
Amumu LittleKnightCircle Little Knight Amumu
Amumu SadRobotCircle Sad Robot Amumu
Amumu SurprisePartyCircle Surprise Party Amumu
Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Citrine, Pearl, Rainbow, Ruby, Sapphire
Amumu SewnChaosCircle Sewn Chaos Amumu
  • This skin was never released by Riot past the PBE servers due to its low quality.
  • Annie OriginalSquare Annie can be seen in the background.
Amumu InfernalCircle Infernal Amumu
Chromaskins Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Ruby
Amumu HextechCircle Hextech Amumu


  • Amumu was cursed in Ancient Shurima's time for reasons unknown and entombed. He has now escaped and is wandering the desert in search of a friend.


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